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  1. Hey folks, I would like to put in my 2 cents. For those of you who know me, I play both sides, and lean towards the underpop side. I have been on the receiving end and handling the MG34. As for the receiving end, Rarely do I see anyone actually clearing a whole depot by themselves with Rambo style tactics. It does happen, but not to the extent everyone claims. I would say 90% of the time that I encounter an MG34, the person is either set up in a window, on the ground cutting a direction, or deployed downstairs or upstairs in a cp defending. A year ago, before the infantry lag fixes were implemented, and people killed you before they rendered, this was a common argument, but not as much now. On the handling end, I have Rambo styled cps, and I suck at it. The typical result was me trading with someone. That isn't to say I haven't been successful on occasion, just that unless you use the weapon on a daily basis, you're not going to be very effective at using it Rambo style. With all of that said, the people I see complaining the most about the changes, are the ones that are using the weapon on a daily basis, and are exceptional at Rambo style tactics. I do have a few suggestions though. I am not entirely on board with you not being able to move and shoot. I agree with the shooting triggers you to go into walk mode, and accuracy is decreased by 50% vs being prone or deployed on the bipod. The other suggestion I would make would be the ability to fire while walking backwards. (off-topic) Since someone brought up planes, I agree the Axis need a plane that can actually catch the havoc and DB-7 in tier 0 and tier 1. Nothing more annoying than not being able to catch up to RDP raids.
  2. In your case brady - it's called target.
  3. obviously, 2055.. duh Patience my young padawan.
  4. I think you are missing the point of side switchers. Most (like myself) do not enjoy sitting at a spawn delay screen for 30 seconds, so we go to the side (underpop) that doesn't have the spawn delay. Those are the "true" side switchers. We don't care who is winning or losing the map, we just always spawn into the underpopulated side. Once spawn delay kicks in, we usually swap to the other side to avoid spawn delay. Now, there IS a 2nd type of side switcher. Those are the "dedicated side players" that swap over to "hurry up and end the map" once one side is close to losing. Those are the people I believe you are talking about @anusiya. I bet if we got everyone that is the first type of side switcher to fess up, it would be less than 10% of the total population, always playing on the underpopulated side, trying to even the odds a little. my 2 cents.
  5. man you will be missed!
  6. are you still having this problem?
  7. Shout out to the GM team, They do a really fantastic job. I'm just sorry they have to put up with me sometimes. I am fairly quick to temper, and offer apologies in side chat when I get out of hand. Keep up the great work!
  8. You would have to go into AVG and allow the playgate.exe as an authorized unit to run. That should fix the issue.
  9. can you take a screenshot and post it in here, it might help us better resolve the issue. Other than that, have you tried to restart the computer and try again?
  10. damn.. now I want to go binge watch Band of Brothers again..
  11. Ah, so this isn't just our forums related. There is something on your computer that is causing it. Check for sticky keys, old battery in the mouse, things like that. Otherwise, it could be a program in the background doing some type of autoloop that is causing the bumps. You could try disabling all apps in the task manager to see if one of them might be causing it.
  12. A few statements here. 1 - Figure out a way to stop camping in the game. A. The most achievable way of doing this would be add a Random Range Spawn counter in a radius around the AB, CPs and FMS. That way, there isn't the "that is the spot they will spawn" so we can all focus there mentality. Give it a 25m radius. 2 - Break down Attack Objectives & Defense Objectives into pre-determined goals. A. Assign specific targets (FBs or CPs) with each AO. Once those Objectives are taken, then another AO is available to be placed for the next section of town. The Attackers must be able to hold what they have taken as well as wait for the next AO ( some smaller time) to come active to continue the attack. 1A. CP count per town determines how many CPs are able to be targeted at any AO. Larger towns such as Antwerp may have 4-5 CPs listed at a time, where the smallest towns with 2-3 CPs total would only be allowed 1 CP per AO. B. Likewise Defensive Orders are automatically placed to counter AOs. C. If, at any time, the Defender is able to "win" a DO before the Attackers are able to "win" their next AO in the town capture process, then the town automatically resets to Defenders Occupation of all CPs, and the Attackers would need to start over from the beginning. (Generally, Attackers are usually the Overpopulated side, so this will give the underpopulated side a considerable stall goal if they are able to pull it off). D. Which leads to the question, would we want HC to have the ability to choose what CPs to attack with the placement of AOs, or would it be "system" determined.
  13. Is there any way you could be more specific in your details? I.E. I was on "this" page, under these subpages, and when I did "this" it kicked me back up to the top? More information = better chance of duplication = better chance of fixing.
  14. @rakes able to get in game yet?
  15. Can you try to capture a screenshot for the QA team, so we can try and duplicate this error. Remember, the more detail you guys give us, the faster we are able to reproduce and ticket items.