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  1. BRING IT ON LIVE !!! Nothing CRS can screw that we cannot swallow during campaign. Thats lousy excuse...
  2. Intermission sux... period. Pack it up and restart, extend RDP till tier1 So ppl can take day or 2 of break and thats it.
  3. Feature: AI or Playable trains that affect supplies in either speed or amount. For example if some flag has low supplies i might start resupply train to it from factory town to the flag position (if its on railroad) and enemies have option to interdict it and ruin my play experience or Ai trains that can be interdicted and that start their voyage under certain rules fulfilled by HC members. Fix: Give us back AB supplies so bgd hierarchy and supplies again have some meaning, together with puffy pants, off course.
  4. Exactly, it start to look like COD, small map, bang bang and it`s over...B(
  5. What you expect of HC seriously? They suppose to play strategy and tactical game whit blindfolds and left hand only. A long as supplies ninja-fly with flag-pins this will happens over and over again. We had almost perfect system that needed some polishing here and there but someone decided its to complicated for certain TZ (wont mention which one). Give us back AB supplies and puffy pants and i promise we wont have Tier`s or lack of officers and soldats problem.
  6. Campaigns ending so fast that Propa cant do anything more then simple typography
  7. Get back to AB supplies lists so that flags actually mean something so u wont see any camapaign end within at least 4 weeks, at least not before Tier3. Doing cut-off in old system had not more the 5-10% chance of success, now it's become almost rule of win.
  8. Did anyone by chance figured how to change position of Discord overlay in game?
  9. I kinda like amount of damage that FB take, while AO last. Problem are FB`s in zones that there is no AO. As i said online, that can be solved by lowering minimal distance of MS to FB, get it down to like 50m so single or 2 sappers would replenish charges and lower solo bust down to 5-10 as it was before minutes instead of 30+ as it is now. From point of defense this make no difference, if u attacking defending FB u wont set close MS, u will go at least 500-600m from it to be able to attack properly. I belive that with this we can have best part of old and new system, long AO`s and fast calm busts, which will eventualy lead to more AO`s.
  10. It might be working for RATS so they dotn give a ****...>
  11. Resubed few days ago and still strugle with keymaps. Before i made my .CFML tio use keybord/mouse for pz usage but now i can`t remember what i did to have incremental gas. I do remember it had somthing with index command but can`t made it again. In my old cfml i used: w s but now it doesnt work. Anyone have idea?
  12. If anyone acctuay downloaded full install before patch rush (wwiiol0001346.exe) it will help rest a lot if it get uploaded elswhere (torrent, rapidshare...). CRS ftp server is so hammered right now that D/L speed aint passing 20 kbps...B(
  13. How about somone post file elswhere (torrent, rapidshare...) so we dont hammer CRS servers and acctualy DL game faster...
  14. Work good, tags aint working so its garabged but readable
  15. Way to improve registration is that we assign squad leader early, even offline before it start and to assign fixed channel for every squad in some logical order (sombody already talked about that on debriefing thread). Then country Co or System keep posting info about channels and squads leaders and ppl apply directly to Cos with equipment request with .m untill all squads get filled and Cos report rooster to coutry CO. Think that will make less confusion to everyone, plus soldats will have oportunity to pick Squad CO that they prefer or like to work with. Also every squad leader should post mission in some back town and allow ppl to spawn in for training and "bonding" purposes and too keep track of squad till like 10 minutes before start. Will be very ussefull if we get a special channel on country TS serves with like 10 channels so we can comunicate via voice instead of typing. Just another idea...