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  1. A while back I saw a post here where someone linked a site that showed you how to optimize your system for performance (when reinstalling Windows). Since I am getting a new hard drive I wanted to read through it and get some ideas. Also, anything else you can add would be helpful. Windows XP P4 2.8ghz 1.5G RAM Old Hard Drive: 40G stock Dell, IDE Frankly I just ran out of space New HD: 80G WD Caviar, IDE 7600
  2. I flew a 110 last night and since the Mrs was chatting and I was "listening" I had the headphones off. Before we really got talking I found a Hawk near our AF. He was trying to down a greentag and looked to be gaining the upper hand. I came in and he looped around and we went head to head. I always think that's a bad move for a Hawk v 110. I could see that I hit him and slowly turned back around so as not to lose speed. The Hawk must have gotten a good taste of it from me as he was headed away. As I got closer he looked like he decided for another head on then changed his mind. Bad move as now I'm on his 6, pretty close. I gave him full mg and cannon and he really didn't maneuver much. I figured he was wounded. Must have been as he took hits and just went down. Next I moved about 10km west and found a DB7. I chased him around and put a few cannon in him at a wicked angle shot. He was trailing white and yellow smoke and then I saw a couple of ea coming in. Time to leave and the Mrs was getting annoyed now as I lost concentration in our conversation as I was trying to down the DB and now escape the hurri. I told her, don't worry it's going to be one of us soon and she said OK, I hope it's not you but as long as it ends soon. So I could see the Hurri gaining and I leveled out and tried to speed away. The Hurri was low 6 and I knew it but I didn't try to shake him as I thought a surprise from the rear gunner would end one of us. I waited and waited. Finally he popped into view and I let him have it. He also let me have it and down I went. The Mrs was happy that I could now talk but expressed token sadness that I was shot down. Thanks.
  3. I want to know if you think this cheap video card upgrade would be worth my time. Here is my system: P4 2.8ghz, 1.5 Gb RAM My current agp video card: XFX 6600gt, factory OC. I installed an arctic fan on it because the stock one was noisy and I was messing around with over clocking. I get decent fps most of the time but every once in a while I wished I could get more. I was thinking about getting a used agp 6800gt on Ebay. The cost looks nominal but I don't want to waste my time and money if the effect will not be noticeable. Also, I'm slightly (but not overly) concerned about my power load and having to get a new one. Any thoughts?
  4. What is a good ping rate? I'm wondering how good of a connection I'm getting. Mine is in the 90's and it seems good but I have no point of reference.
  5. I had been using an ethernet connection on my desktop computer to my network and Internet. However I moved my desk and needed to either add a new phone jack or go with a wireless solution. I opted for a usb wireless adapter. I went with linksys usb300n which was supposed to be pretty good. The documentation was very specific, DO NOT CONNECT THE ADAPTER UNTIL YOU LOAD OUR SOFTWARE. OK, fine I did that. Then for the last several days I've had nothing but problems. It kept losing connection and my CPU usage would spike to 100% causing lag. It was getting very frustrating. The first thing I did was update my anti-virus software (Trend Micro from 2007 to 2008) as I read something that could be causing my CPU usage to spike. This seemed to cause more problems with my connection and the Linksys connection software. I even closed the anti-virus program but that didn't help. My next step was to uninstall the Linksys software with the idea of reinstalling it. This caused my computer to hang during reboot and I had to boot in safe mode (F8) to get it started and then roll back to a previous config. That was very frustrating. I got ready to install the Linksys program but I decided to disobey their rules (ie, DO NOT CONNECT THE ADAPTER UNTIL YOU LOAD OUR SOFTWARE). I attached the USB adapter and let Microsoft configure it. Voila! It works great with no hangs, drops or CPU spikeage. Amazing. Why are they so insistant on you using their software?
  6. What kind of video card?
  7. Has anyone used this program? I downloaded it and used it and it seems pretty good for removing tons of temporary files. It can also clean up your registry and help you remove unwanted startup files. Am I being naive or am I missing something? I don't want to screw up my computer but I love the thought of freeware that'll clean up all the junk. Thoughts?
  8. You could pick up a brand new Nvidia 7600 GT AGP for under $100 US. I saw one for $75 after rebates. That's probably the best card for you. I'm running a P4 2.8ghz, 1.5 Gb RAM and Nvidia 6600 GT and I get 30-40 fps regularly. Sometimes will dip down to 20's but thats the exception. If I cared to spend the money for the upgrade I'm sure my speed would improve BUT I figure I'll wait and just build a whole new system from scratch in the next year or so.
  9. Just a little problem solved that might be relevant to others fps problems. Recently I began experiencing fps spikes in the game. My high would be around 40+ and then it would lag down to under 10 and go back up again. It was happening whenever I was playing. I asked around in game and no one else was having problems and since I had been playing fine in the past I figured something was up with my computer and/ or Net connection. After defragging and restarting my computer several times and deleting unused programs it still was giving me a problem. Using the Windows Task Manager I watched my CPU performance spiking to 100% usage when I had a lot of things running. When I shut most things down it idled at around 20-30%. That seemed far too high so I began doing a bunch of research. After quite a bit of surfing I found that malfunctioning hardware can cause CPU performance spikes. I remembered that I have a USB hub that runs through my monitor that acts up quite often. I disconnected it and instantly my CPU idle dropped down to near zero. Went back in game and no more fps spikes. Problem solved.
  10. I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with the following hard drive: 1N0806 HARD DRIVE, 40GB, I, 7.2K, 80G/P, SEAGATE-ALPINE I'm running out of room and I want to be able to make a cheap investment to extend the use of my computer. I found a free Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 200GB ATA 133 HDD that may or may not work. I'm wondering if a) it's compatible worth the time to see if it works and install it. I don't really want to put that much more money into my computer but if I can upgrade it cheaply I'd do it. Does anyone know what the 80G/P means? Or the I? For now my computer runs the game fine but overall I'm running out of hard drive space. I'm constantly deleting files to be able to have enough free space to defrag my hard drive. My other specs are as follows: P4 2.8ghz 1.5 GB RAM Windows XP NVidia 6600 GT Soundblaster Audigy Z
  11. I was trying to find some action for my Stug yesterday. After setting up a beautiful ambush position and waiting 40+ minutes I decided to try somewhere else. So I spawned one in the attack on Gent. I slowly drove to Gent and set up roughly 1 km from the edge of town. We had 2 msp's hitting the northeast corner and I figured I could pick off some ets that'd eventually be coming. I could hear the ets and sometimes catch glimpses of them but there were far too many bushes to get a good shot. So I moved up to about 5-600m from the edge. I had a much better view. I gave up some difficult shots and waited patiently. Eventually I saw a 6-pounder taking fire, not too far from my position and decided to keep hiding. Before I could get one shot off that 6-pounder began firing at me and took off my left track. I had to spin to the left a little but lined up a good shot and killed him. Shortly thereafter I began taking fire from an unseen vehicle, a Church I think that might've been tracked himself. He killed my driver and I fired blindly through the bushes at him too. So now I'm sitting in a strange position. I am about 5-600m from the edge of the ne side of Gent. I can see portions of the outer road but I'm turned such that I'm facing a little south of due west. My driver is dead and I cannot move. My gunner is pointing towards a narrow strip of road which is maybe 100m long. I cannot see any more road due to the bushes and trees and my facing. Well, within a few minutes an et comes right into view. I saw him with my commader and by the time I switched to gunner I had like one shot before he got out of sight. It was a Churchill. BAM! I hit him in the left rear lower portion of the hull and he caught fire almost instantly! I was very happy. I was waiting for my death shot, surely someone would get on my flank and finish me. Next comes a Crusader right into my field of view! He was going fast but I was in my gunners position. BAM! One hit and he blows hit top!!! I was feeling good. The end was kind of funny. An ei lmg guy found me and took point blank shots all around my flanks and rear. He eventually was down to his pistol and emptied that on me too. An ea found me and strafed me several times. The aforementioned et that took out my driver began firing at me through the bushes. I fired several times back and hit him too but he ended my misery in that position.
  12. Oh man, shooting up a plane with ei is good clean fun. I shot down a JU52 and it's wing blew off. As that baby started to roll 3-4 paras lept from the plane. Who knows haw many more poor saps were in there and went down with the ship.
  13. I was in Betheniville last night and notcied that the south cp had fallen into enemy hands. I spawned a rilfe and proceeded towards the cp which was about a kilometer away. I was the lone Axis soldat headed to that area. The ei and et ews were high but as I left the main area of town the sounds of battle were left behind. When I reached the cp I carefully stalked around the area. It appeared clear so I recapped. After the recap I noticed an ei too late, BANG! He got me. As quick as I could (seemed like too long) I got a mission into the cp. I spawned another rilfe and ran to the cp table... empty. Hmm, I began a cautious search of the area. Finally I saw the ei and we both fired and missed at 50m. He went around the cp and I reversed direction. I got the drop on him and BANG, he was dead. I got killed again then managed to kill several more ei trying to cap the table. At one point there were at least 4 ei in the area and I was the lone soldat fighting them all. This went back and forth for a while. They finally recapped the cp and I had just spawned in the depot. I hid there for a few minutes letting them think that I was gone. Fortunately I was able to tell the position of the mobile spawn which was a mere 200m from the cp. When I thought it was clear I worked around the back towards the ems. I saw an ei run from a berm and then knew the exact location. As I readied myself for an assault on the ems the cavalry arrived in the form of a 232. He saw that I marked the ems on the map and was looking for it. I pointed out the correct berm and he flooded it with fire. He also dispatched an ei that tried to sneak up on him but I warned my 232 friend. The final act was to retake the cp. I asked the 232 to roll in and give me cover which he did. I then entered the cp and found a loyal ei cp guard who must have been asleep as I killed him easily. I then recapped and the threat to the s cp was ended. Reading the AAR it looks like I was fighting no less than 4 different Allied soldiers all by myself. In the end the 232 made it easier for me and I'm glad for that.
  14. Somehow I managed to spawn a Stug 3G in an town that was getting overrun (Tienen). I had previously fought as inf and an atg so I could tell things were beginning to sour quickly. I had seen an et outside the AB so I knew it was only a matter of time. I found the Stug and drove it to a corner of the AB. I turned to cover the near entrance at roughly a 45 degree angle. I would pop my commander up and down hoping to avoid getting shot, there were ei everywhere. Also, there was no other anti-tank capability in the AB and probably the whole town. Eventually a Vicky went flying through the AB. I killed him quickly. Next came a Cru III which I dispatached. I'm not sure who did it but one of them, maybe even an ea or sapper managed to knock out my engine. Now I couldn't move so I was stuck although I had a good angle. Someone shot my commander so now I was using the low zoom of the driver to spot (it can see more than the gunner and hear more too). Into the Ab drives a Churchill and he must have known I was there because he tried to turn quickly so as to not expose his flank. He slammed the wall which forced him forward and didn't allow him to turn. He sort of panicked as I shot him 3 times in the side. Amazingly he kept coming but I think only his driver was alive. He literally parked right in front of me. Since I couldn't move I was stuck but eventually he despawned after about a minute or so. Next another Cru came into the AB fast. I shot him 2-3 times and I thought the hits were good but he proceeded forward outside my shooting radius. He began shooting at me and must have figured I was dead since I didn't shoot back (I made sure I didn't move my gun so not to give myself away). He eventually began shooting at infantry going for the bunker. Another Cru came into the AB and I blew him up with a nice rear shot. The aforementioned Cru then woke up and began pounding my Stug until it was dead. 5 kills for me though. I respawned as a rifle in a nearby depot and laughed at the never ending stream of ets that appeared. I had barely made a dent!
  15. I'm really enjoying the Stug IIIG, it's such a wonderful tank killer. Last night I spawned one during the attack on Haybes. Haybes is a town on the river surrounded by hills. I drove to the eastern-most hill overlooking Haybes from the Gedinne-Haybes FB. There were some other Stugs there and I could see back and forth shooting on the crest as I approached. I decided to set up on the downside of the hill which also leaned to the right very steeply. The crest of the hill would have been fine but it was completely in the open. The spot I chose was some 100m below the crest but in a nice treeline with bushes. Parking on such a right-leaning slope I learned that long shots go right of the target such that you have to compensate by aiming left. The further the shot the more you have to compensate. It was a guess and adjust based on your prior shot. There was a UMS 500m below me and our infantry was making progress towards the town. As I watched I saw an et drive right down the bushline our infantry was using. I was too late to save the UMS but a few shots and I flamed the et. Next came another et along the river road. I ranged him in at 1000m and flamed him handily. What happened next was a series of shots with various ets and continuing action that left me with quite a number of hits but also a busted track for me. With only one track I couldn't go anywhere and turning was very difficult as I could only turn left while in 1st gear and I had to reverse to turn slowly right. This is made worse with the Stug since you have no turret and are highly reliant on being able to turn in order to fire on your target. At some point I saw a stuart west of me move quickly down the road and begin up the hill I was on. Due to my position on the right slope I lost him when he began to climb. I could hear him the whole time though. I turned my Stug in anticipation of him coming directly at me from the west and waited. As there was a MS behind me the Stuart went on an infantry hunt and seemed to not notice I was there. This whole process took about 10 minutes but I eventually spotted him when he was completely behind my starting position (as a matter of fact I turned about 240 degrees by the time I was done). I was able to guess his position through a bush but really couldn't see him. I missed but he began moving. This time he was in the open and I turned as best I could. Two good shots and he blew up. I turned around again and fought with another et or two. One I hit pretty good and he stopped firing. In was low on ammo so I watched him despawn. I then emptied the rest of my ammo on some other approaching ets. A stuart moved boldly below me on the hill and if I had more AP I could have easily killed him. I tried HE to no avail. I began taking fire from about 3 directions and decided it was time to bail. I'm no Alt F4'er but I'll take an MIA when it makes sense to bail from a doomed mission, heck that's what the real tankers would have done. I ended up with 6 hits on Stuarts BUT only 3 kills. I also had 2 hits on Shermans but someone robbed me of a kill and I only killed one. should have been 8 total kills for me but ended with 4. Oh well, it was a fun mission.