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  1. The side with the higher population will win the map, you can communicate all you like but end of, the bigger side wins, communication in this game is dead its not 2008 anymore
  2. Merlin...the axis LMG can deploy on thin air...I have seen it and have evidence I have been even shown by a 250 member how to do it... So please
  3. Great post Psycho them videos show exactly why these needs doing
  4. You lot make me laugh threatening to unsub because a silly gun is being altered, go ahead do it really helpful cheers. The way that gun operates has costs CRS many subs over the years it's the most complained about gun's beyond comedy watching a guy run the 100 metres in 8 seconds up a flight of stairs and clearing a whole CP while firing from the's pathetic This is a great change and will generate more resubs than it costs Well done CRS this game is all about key gameplay balancing.
  5. Nice move ... Loooong overdue
  6. Forgive me for being the negative one... how and why would HC levels go up? The main reason to be HC has been removed and if we make player based Aos there is literally no point to having HC, motivating and communicating don't work because a large portion of the players these days do not listen or even look at the comm box. I appreciate that the current system is far from perfect and needs tweaking but as a HC officer I find the flag system added whole different side to gameplay. Without the movable flags like we have now AO's will just be another fight they will have no strategic relevance. I have to say im not entirely looking forward to this change, almost feels like a part of the game that made it so unique is being removed
  7. Axis players I salute you and your Comander in Cheif @Tman and all of German High Command for a fanastic map (one of the best for a while) with some amazing fights and some great tense moments including your incredible comeback from your factory towns to possibly the biggest cut the game has ever seen (i remember logging on that morning to find 2 allied brigades on the entire map Win or loose this game requires greart efforts and fights from both side and its such a great past time we all provide Thank you for an unforgetable campaign Space
  8. Thanks Hastien &Whips been a pleasure having you guys over on allied side this map, great squad great players great teamwork, if i ever venture over to the darkside its great knowing that i will have some great friends to chat with on discord Space
  9. Really good post and valid points dragoz fully agree with all points, especially the GM responses
  10. kase nice post, agree f2p should only get the basics, this is a subscription game and if you want the toys you should pay and support the game and developers like everyone else, Also agree that F2P should be locked to under pop side only how that is implemented could be tricky as pop swings more than codycody on a Friday night. I am a North European and Spain is my favorite country in Europe I love the place its a wonderful country, and i Voted to remain in the EU
  11. Its all fun and games announcing who was MOIC when this and that happened.... end of the day there was a huge population shift and it cost the allies dearly as it does any side, this game is controlled by population not just good moves... you can have the best HC in the business on but with no pop (as we had when the cuts where made) you banging your head against wall.
  12. Some nice posts, HC is almost a game in its own, plenty of good Map movers will sit there and "play" the game without even logging in for hours, its fantastic to go head to head with a map mover on the other side.
  13. Of the faults that this game has, you choose the HC system as one of the main issues.... what about all the other game cripppling issues...? Cheats Lag bugs population imbalance they are real killers... the HC system makes this game different from the rest out there So much focus on the HC system being the killer... what about 5 axis players vs 1 allied? that we have seen for the last 2 weeks 70% of the time?? that is what is taking the population away The HC system and flag system is what makes this game what it is, although not perfect its totally unique and adds a whole different side of the game to be explored if you give it the chance.
  14. To be honest i really do not like the new proposed AO system, i think its very gamey and like some kind of console game if we are not careful... current AO system works well, It involves strategy and so does the brigade system, i agree they are not perfect. This game has so many more pressing issues that are masively affecting the game and people's views on it such as Lag situation, cheating, Population/side imbalance, 15 year old bugs that could do with being adressed. There is no other game around like this one, its truly Unique and CRS have a great thing going we cannot afford to make it just like the others