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  1. Its been a while, nice to come back, check out the game, then be reminded of the reasons you left. Everyone has a different one, this was nerfed that was nerfed, depending on your playstyle you had a bias toward what you thought was wrong with the game and what it would take to fix it. In the end i tried to get at the core issue here I htought was hurting gameplay so here I am in the forums to give my 2 cents, share with you some insights and a possible solution to the main problem thats holding back this game. It was my opinion in the past that the move to a top down system of command starting with HC would alienate the players and make them feel that this wasnt there game and would make it hard to participate in any meaningful toward a whole campaign. And without the campaign you just have a fps shooter which this game cant compete. The other option was a ground up system of squads dictating the map, which if I recall CRS said that there were many complaints about this system and their reason for switching. But I believe and have evidence for that this system , a bottom up system is actually more favourable and in the end bring more people and keep more people playing. Having squads able to move the map with their own AO's would attract leaders who want to organize battles and followers to follow them, and options for others to join or not, where they'd be like "im not going there that guy doesnt doesnt know what hes doing", or "i dont like that squads style id rahter sit in the bushes listen to the birds all day and chat with my friends", whatever, those are options we dont have with a top down system where you're stuck with no other option. So this guy here in this youtube video talks about fragility in systems, where they can either be concave , or convex, where one leads to ruin and one is good. It can be applied to this game here and many other systems in life. One of the good examples he gives is the small community is more accountable because the ones at the top see the ones at the bottom which allows for shame and other social factors to bring everyone into check unlike larger systems where theres a disconnect and no accountability. In the end at about 19:35 the video ends "the emprical evidence shows, that anything top down is concave, anything bottom up is organic and convex and likes uncertainty." So what this means for WWII online and how relates is that, a bottom up approach will be more natural, entertaining, and the fact that CRS has stated that there was problems with this system, at leatse there was people playing it, unlike the current system where people took off from the idea. And you dont need scienctific studies to figure this out, when you log on and theres nothing but 1 ao and no ones doing anything, or you cant gather a bunch of people and go on a "raid" or attack a town and cap it (because you cant AO) that looses the mmo feel, and I think its in CRS's best interest to open up this game up so that leadership and organization develop organically from the bottom up. Thats my honest analysis of whats wrong at the core of this game and what it would would take to fix it with some empirical evidence to back it up. As seen in this video: Hopefully you guys can get it back to what you want it to be, maybe this is a solution.
  2. Hello, long time player, first time poster. I dont like to complain, i just leave, but the infantry game is off. Whatever it is, it doesnt "feel" right. If it could feel more like call of duty, with all the deeper gameplay elements of a simulator, then it would be cool. Not graphics, just feel. You know what I mean. The area capture is coool, except youre still running into a stupid little building to pop some guy, thats basically waht the battle boils down too in the infantry game. Who can hold a room. games should be much more than that, so why not expand that area capture to a 500m radius, with tanks and all capping. and defenders removing them from the territory. If supply make it that that sort of system is too easy to exploit, then the supply system need to change. I could go on, but im homeless rightnow , droppping out of the school of books and into the school of life, im hanging here at the occupy toronto, spending my homeless change on an internet cafe to get a few kills in.Its all love in the end.
  3. Nice rig, dont underestimate this game though, you migh beat it up with 200fps now but id expect the engine to put up a fight and bring you back down to 16fps in a few patches.
  4. I was crashing randomly to a full reboot and switching sound back to software from hardware fixed that.
  5. The only problem with overheating is crashing, if your pc's not crashing then the temperatures are fine and what you should do is add even more heat in the form of speed - mhz, by overclocking if you got room to spare. Youll know if your heat gets to much if your system starts crashing out of the blue, until then dont worry about it and add as much heat or speed as your systems allows, since heat is speed in overclocking terms.
  6. I checked up that driver, from what I understand its tweaks for better image quality, which means youll see a performance hit, and I doubt you want to do that.
  7. wait for the 8600 to come out which should be this summer and the best bang for buck will be a 7900gto/gtx, they are right but will be even cheaper when 8600's come out soon I recently got a 7900gto for $180 used locally and I can run every game on max with just a amd 3000+ overclocked from 1.8ghz to 2.6, and 1 gig of ram. The 7900gto overclocked easily past gtx speeds. I get 80-120fps running around offline in this game if you need a comparison. But ill still see the 20's in the heaviest of battles online with everything maxed except post render filter and at 1280x1024. EDIT $180, not $80
  8. Your fps seems about right, this game does a number on your system, I got a amd 64 3000+ 1gig ram, 6800gt (256mb) and i get down to the high teens in big towns and up to 80fps in open areas. My system is also tweaked to the max. My cpu is overclocked along with my video card too, seing your system is a tad slower the fps seem about right. Blame the game. Turn off post render filter gives you 5 more fps..
  9. Just another note, I got better performance runnign this game with 1 gig ram with low latency ram (cl2) than I did running it with 1.5 gigs and cl2.5 (higher latency) ram. Im convinced 1gig of faster ram is better than 2 gigs of slow ram for overall fps.
  10. Find your mobo using this tool http://www.cpuid.org/cpuz.php Do a full reinstall of your system with the latest drivers from the mobo's web site. Try 2 sticks of the same size instead of 4. More ram doesnt get you more fps, not enough ram and mismatched ram running ineffieciently will get you low fps though. I only got 1 gig ram, amd 64 3000+ (overclocked to 2.6ghz) and a 6800gt and im getting down to 18fps in huge battles and up to 80-90fps in open areas, so your system is definately good enough its just not right. You dont need to buy better hardware you need it setup properly, so it might even be worth spending the money to get the system reinstalled by an expert if you cant handle it yourself, itll be cheaper than upgrading and at leaste you can rule out faulty components. But try the memory thing first.
  11. Id check your end, there was a number of patches since the first 1.25 and the latest one (came out a week ago?) brought my fps back to where it was before 1.25.
  12. Reread my post, youll see that he can get at conroe and motherboard for $200 after he sells his old cpu +mobo. So for $200 dollars you dont ahve to upgrade your whole system and you get a e6300 and motherboard. This is the best option period. Unless you think he cant sell his 939 mobo and old cpu for at leaste $100. And why would you want to invest $200 into a dead platform like a s939 chip? when for not much more you can get a future proof platform (more so than s939) and hand down better performance with the conroe. Unless your a fanboi i cant understand why anyone would comprimise performance when thats all that matters with hardware and not brand names.
  13. Sell that old cpu and mobo use that money and get a core2duo e6300 and motherboard. If you still got regular ddr memory get the asrock 775 dual vsta motherboard which will alow you to use ddr or ddr2 and also has support for both agp and pci-e graphic cards. Cpu and mobo is about $300, 200 for the cpu, 100 for the mobo and if you sell your old cpu+mobo combo itll be even cheaper if thats a concern. That combo will do you better than any AMD chip you could get for the same money and youll be on a platform with ddr2 for future upgrading. A friend of mine upgraded his socketA system just by swaping the cpu and mobo and keeping his 6800gt and ddr memory and he saw a huge improvement in games like Oblivion, BF2, Cod2. Cant tell you how it does with this game until I upgrade mine in the new year, but i expect good results.