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  1. http://322ndsqn1strofthenetherlands.yuku.com/forums/25/EUROCON-2011-7-8-9-10-April Euro mini con will be hosted in the Netherlands in April. Not a WW2ol dedicated con, but a ww2 sim con.
  2. Any news on this?
  3. What do you mean with an online con? having internet access or having a con through webcams or something like that?
  4. Eh, joke about MSP's?
  5. I'll be in, if it fits my schedule and isn't too far away for me. One of the former air squads has hosted a European con (flightsims mainly) in Holland for 10 years now. It is not about BE only, but some players there are long time BE players. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=309608 I know the Germans (GRENI) are setting up something for next year as well. Besides that the Finns have their annual two conventions, the Urban Blitz and the Mosquito Meeting.
  6. Soryu stuka = me, killed by dasquirrel. No kills myself.
  7. Missed this one up to now, confirming my CO spot. edit: nm, saw that the spot is taken. Still will join Jamesi's flight.
  8. I know seth1231 suffers from crashes like that too, maybe you can contact him? He's getting support from Bloo, might want to bundle that.
  9. Trying to run another card on drivers for a different card is not a good idea.You have to remove the old drivers and then get the new 9.10 drivers for the 58xx series and install those.
  10. Certainly can, add me or Grislawski as a friend and pm me in game.
  11. Check the ss2 and x86 executables as Vista compatible, not XP(SP3).
  12. X-fi fatal1ty here, with windows7. Creative has extremely crappy driver support. My x-fi is running in BE, but I got severe stutters and noise every 10-15 minutes. Can't get any audio then, ts and BE are not responding. BE is an old game with crappy stuff every now and then but creative beats it
  13. Hm, could be a bug in the training tutorial. If you try and fly offline, does it work? Can you move your plane around with rudder only?
  14. I have suffered from this as well, only the drops in FPS are not that big. To the OP: how playable is Antwerp/Brux? Your FPS should be dead there.