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  1. Just because it is just a variant of a sherman is not really a valid reason.. it is more like an excuse to give the allies more and better equip.. more options.. I do appreciate that the "new" group of CRS members are better and looks to be advancing the game quicker than in the past! But that is still not just another reason to hand out more and more superior allied equip.
  2. If the Allies get the Firefly where is the PANTHER! It should be in game before the Firefly...
  3. Can someone give me a link or explain step by step how to multicrew? I have totally forgot how to do it..it has been years for me
  4. When oh when will the 88 get the shield.. https://goo.gl/images/YbHx2G
  5. That is only if the member is in a squad..what if they are not?
  6. Does anyone have a link or any copies of the old newspaper that was here for ww2ol for a while Der Angriff?
  7. How can you tell the last year someone logged in? I see the date but it is only month and day not year...
  8. correct yes I have very low post because I was to busy toasting the french lol no but really back in the day I had well over 80 players with 40 active. In just the 1st PzD we could field well over 200 players without a problem. since there is a welcome back we may jump in to see how the game is now.. and yes btw I am a builder so I have given good money to support this game! Even if I do not play much anymore I will still give money to help because this is one of a kind! !S Enforcer
  9. I know why i never heard of you.. You only have a total of 417 sorties in the game history as bonger.. I had over 4800 over 4700 in the German Heer.. Last dedicated year played 2010..then just here and there from time to time.. We NEVER believed in side switching... Only to test for tactics to fully destroy ther allies.. I was in the bunker with shilling when we fought to the last man... Good times
  10. Lol then either you were in the north as axis or on the allied side and if in the south in those days died many times to the 1st RG... It is ok because i never heard of you Either lol
  11. Who am i? Of you do not know the 1st RG.. Enforcer.. Mostyn or Naein lol who are you we were ther best defensive squad in the I those days 2001 thru 2006.. I know the player base has changed alot but i think there are still players here that remembers us.
  12. Hello everyone.. As you see I am Enforcer.. I am an original from 2001. I was in game with my squad the 1st Riech's Guard for many years. I worked with done of the greats.. Dutchmon. Shilling. Jacubek. WolvieDK. Mostyn. Naein. Fargin. MrGrr. TheQuig. Klord. Ibdauthi. Ibrapton. Natethon. Red959. Oldbird. Mashine. Whalley. Bradh. And so so many more!I WE ALWAYS PLAYED AXIS... the 1st RG was always on 1.pd kg 2 because 1st fj was Dutchmons squad.. They always attacked and we 90pct of the time defended cbc joke point towns.. We spend MANY HOURS in the Couvin.Chimay.Revin.Rocroi.Mariemburg corridor.. Sometimes waiting HOURS for an attack.. It was a non glitzy job.. But we took pride in it and we NEVER lost a town "legitimately" to the French! And of course one not so special player.. Fatex.. That story is for another day haha. Just want to mention them because this game needs to remember to BEST. I have not played steady for many years.. I miss 2001 thru 2008 lol.. I just want to say ww2ol will always have a VERY SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART! Bunker duty. Simulcaps. Dutchmons and Shillings MASSIVE operations! Titanium trees. Clipping. So everyone ask some of the old timers about us.. Maybe they remember.. And ask them about hours of bunker duty lol IT SUCKED haha Anyways hello.. We may try to bring the 1st RG back on the near future.. And to all that do remember me or the 1st RG we respected the Axis players and the allies for the hard fighting.. !S Enforcer Miss you guys
  13. they are both set to the same value 1920x1080.. I even tried to lower the resolution to see if I could change it but no luck
  14. Hello all... I have an issue! When I am in spawned mode I cannot see the ~ key info, my lower right info and my chat is offset. please take a look and I hope someone can help. I cannot play like this!
  15. To all current axis squad..the 1st Reich's Guard is growing but slowly.. I believe in teamwork and communication. I don't believe in lone wolfing because ads to unneeded losses.. aggravation.. and generally me getting pissed off. Lol.. We would like to help any other axis squads... and if possible join them on a teamspeak channel. I am usually on the okw/ghc ts. Anyone that does not mind please reply here or pm me Thank you and !S