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Interesting stuff to test or enhance or explain your environment. I will update this occasionally.

A nice net speed tester:

My cable (arlington tx) gets 3218 kbps down, 471 kbps up

Article on FSAA and Anistropic Filtering:,00.asp

Article on network latency, a bit technical but has some nice info:

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Just to keep from repeating myself like a cracked vinyl record -

On Intel macs especially, your FPS under OSX will not be very good. The problem is in the code and it's not that easy to fix. It's not like the rats don't know it's a big problem. There are 2 solutions coming:

(1) Jaeger (Sebastian is his real name) is working on opengl optimizations for the game, primarily storing stuff (like buildings) on the video card instead of recalculating it every frame and sending it to the video card. These will make it in 1.27 if they pass testing in time for 1.27 (beta next week sometime I think). This will bypass much of the problem and should make a major improvement.

(2) New game engine. The current creaky engine is beyond old (try 8 years +) but its old age is most visible on OSX and especially on the newer Intel macs. The new engine is brand new, modern, and uses all the goodies that other modern engines use. But there are only like 1.5 programmers available to work on it, so it's a big job. The more stuff the current version needs the slower the new engine gets done. Expect 2.0 by year end or so assuming RickB doesn't keel over.

So for now on Intel boxes, be patient and run (ewww) Windows under Bootcamp.

If you are running a G5 (like my dual 2.0 G5) you are also being affected. If you can get an X800 ATI or equivalent you will be in good shape for the future. The two things listed above will make a lot of difference for us too.

Once I can actually try Jaegers stuff I will report on how much of a difference it's making.

That is all ..... that is all .... that is all ......

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Your best bet is to get the latest full installer by clicking on this url

in Safari. It should download the installer and launch it. This is the usual Apple installer so it should be familiar.

I will try to keep this sticky updated.

Note you must have at least 1 GB Ram and be running 10.4.X (preferrably 10.4.7+). A video card with 128MB is a practical minimum (although 64BM video cards may work, it won't be pretty). A G5 is the likely suggested minimum but some people still play with G4's. The game is a universal binary and supports Intel and PowerPC.

A few options in the application's Settings tab get you started. All other settings are in the game once you launch it offline or online.


Let me add the Firewall/NAT stuff especially for Netcode 2

If you have enabled OS X Firewall, you should launch "Sharing Preferences" from System Preferences, Click "Firewall" and press "New" button.

Add a new rule which will enable 27015-27020 both TCP and UDP. Make sure you enable it after adding by clicking checkmark left of it (It will likely show bottom of that window after being added)

Application filtering firewalls, e.g. Little Snitch, Netbarrier: You should add WW2 Online to your trusted applications BEFORE you launch the game. They get advanced every day with specific port filtering etc. If you get "prompted" at background if you want to allow WW2 Online to connect a different port, you will likely have horrible experience.

About NAT on Routers , e.g. anything between your computer and your DSL/Cable modem. For example, Airport Basestation is a NAT router.

I personally recommend "Lighthouse" which is really cheap, Mac like solution to dozens of different interfaces offered by routers.

It has a trial so of course make sure it runs fine on your machine before buying. I am attaching WW2 Online Profile which I created here, make sure it is running before you launch WW2 It should enable automatically when ww2 launches and disable when it quits.

I will hopefully add these to WW2 Online Wiki.


Another Tip for new people: Make sure you install all software updates via using Apple menu top left and clicking "Software Update". Apple releases new graphic/sound drivers over OS updates usually and generally they make huge performance and stability enhancements.

While speaking about software update, if you have "Download Updates Automatically" checked in software update and if Apple releases a major software update while you play game and if it downloads, you will have a bad gaming experience.

Your Mac should check for updates daily (better than weekly default) but should NOT download updates, it should alert you.

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