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Xanthus suggestion fixes my auto-reboot problem!

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I play on an 20" iMac Intel Core 2 Duo (x1600 256mb) using Bootcamp/WinXP sp2 and I've been plagued by almost hourly crashes where the computer reboots. I had tried updating audio drivers, ATI drivers, and the various tweaks I could find on the forums – but nothing helped.

Then I tried the XP update for dual core cpu's as suggested by Xanthus (http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=170645); not only was I able to play for more than 4 hours last night without problems, but my FPS was up by at least 6 on average and in the middle of a large battle with tons of action my FPS never dipped below 18. That has never happened for me before.

The point to this rambling post, is to thank Xanthus and all the other forum angels who regularly contribute their help and knowledge to resolve issues many of us experience on an all to regular basis.

I was about to un-sub because of the issues I was having, as I had come to believe it was unsolvable because of my hardware for whatever reason. Even though I love this game. Xanthus's suggestion saved the day for me, and now I'd like to make my own suggestion...

I'm hoping that CRS or some trustworthy individual can set up a voluntary "BE Angel Award" where these folks can be rewarded for their altruistic efforts on our behalf with a token gift of a free month's subscription or a tee shirt or something to recognize them publicly. Something where we beneficiaries of their valuable suggestion's could say thank you with a vote or even a dollar PayPal to fund prizes or the like for making things better for the rest of us.

People like Xanthus among others, and very notably Ahwulf over in the Mac forum deserve this sort of recognition from all of us.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter. I hope many more feel the same way.

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