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Realism Event : CONVOY

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Hello folks ,

I know its a really short note for this event , but i don`t see or have a problem with it :D .

We play on

Saturday ,15th of September 07 a Navy event / 22:00 CET / 1:00 PST , titiled " CONVOY " .


Storyline :


A convoy of 1-5 Freighters is leaveing Dover to a unkown target .

The royal Navy will escorts the important supply convoy for the war at europe to the target .

A german agent got not all notes about these convoy (he dont knows the destination target) and send his uncomplete informations to the HQ of the DEUTSCHE KRIEGSMARINE .

Only the freighter captians have the full information about the target !

The HQ of the german Navy knows the valuable freight and sends out all available DDs and planes to search and destroy the freighters at all costs .


Brit.Navy ( DDs and Freigthers) Dover

R.A.F ( 2x Ju52 ) Folkstone

Deutsche Kriegsmarine (DDs) Oostende

Luftwaffe (2x Ju52 ) St. Omer

Deployment : ("Sign in" in this thread please!)

Try to get your own Captian or Crewmember , i place you on the list then , thank you :)

*The event will be end ,

- if one of the freighters arrive the target (Allied victory )

- if all Freighters are destroyed by the german navy (Axis victory)

- if the german fleet is destroyed .

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Which Group ?

You can be the Flottenadmiral (Axis )or the Fleet Admiral (Allieds) too, if you want :D

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Will be gunner for JU52 or DD ( not very good here but will try)

On which side ?

I will fill the fleets as first before you will be placed as airscout :)

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