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Advice pls, I would build a new computer, if it will help.

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Hello all,

I currently have a Athlon 64 3000+, 2 Gigs Ram, ATI x800 Pro and Audigy 2.

Played with all the configs and did all the tweaks and get anywhere from 4-100 fps. lowest vis limits, etc...

I was in a tank column, accidentally crashing into friendlies because they put me in one of the tanks without ailerons - but that is a whole other issue altogether...

Anyhow, I was having an absolute blast but could not pull more than 8 fps during the awesome Turnhout battle last night.

I would love to be able to pull 20-40 FPS with Vis limits set to High in a big battle, is it possible, or should I wait a bit?

I have been considering building a new machine, say a core2duo E6600, 4 GB type rig but don't want to do it if it wouldn't give me some more cowbell.

I gotta have more cowbell!


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S! tailhook. Long time no see. The current patch is giving people fits around town. Even the pilots. Flying high or not being in extrememly populated area's is not really a problem, in fact, I've seen a fps increase.

Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz

2 Gig RAM

ATI X1400

We have a new website for the squad. Stop in.

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Hahaha...cowbell, damn BOC

Anyway, my rig does 180FPS+ out in the open field, 200+ in the open air, and in battles I'm ranging anywhere from 40-95 or so FPS -- the game can be very unpredictable on FPS. For example, the other day I was in Breda and at one point while walking over a blown out building I dropped down to 30, of course, I couldn't 'see' any logical reason for this as there weren't many polys requiring rendering, so who knows!?! But, overall I get great performance.

My system:

E6600 Intel dual-core OC'd to 3.5Ghz

2GB Corsair TWINX C6400 @ 1200Mhz (5-5-5-15)

EVGA 680i SLI Motherboard


2x Raptor 74GB in RAID-0

1x WD Caviar 300GB (Backup drive)

X-Fi Audio Board

Enermax 720W PSU

Antec 900 Case

Swiftech Water Cooling (CPU -> GFX -> NB -> Pump -> Radiator)

Right now, I think the only thing worth waiting for is if you want a higher end video card -- the new NVIDIA chips are coming on the market so sometime we should be seeing a 9 series set of cards. Intel just dropped the chip prices back in July and outside of some minor tweaks I don't know of much on the horizon. You could go with quad-core, but that won't really do much for performance, there's a lot of stuff out there that needs to be compiled with threading to take advantage of multiple cores, but it's not as simple as toggling a bit, it requires extensive re-programming to know where threads can be used -- long and short of it, will be some time I think before we see WWIIOL really taking advantage of threading.



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Thanks for the input guys!

Mrs. Tailhook has just passed a military spending bill authorizing immediate funding to be used for the defense of Europe.

She also said that if I ever go axis, she will divorce me. OK, I made that part up.

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Your computer is not bad it's slow on the cpu. If it's a 939pin AMD chip you can pick up a san diego core 4000 that runs at 2.4 with 1meg of on chip cache for $53.

The 4000 might be a little hot for your current cpu cooler if it's a stock 3000 one. These are a steal for $20

Or you could order yourself one of these and give the old gamer to Mrs Tailhook. Set them up side by side with the excuse that you'll spend more time together and you've got yourself a tow rig/ammo truck.

cpu: Intel e6750 $199

ram: 2 gig kit Supertalent ddr800 latency 4,4,3,8 $94

MB: Abit ip35 $144

PSU:Corsair HX520 $129

Case: Xclio black all aluminum full tower w 2 250mm fans $109

Video card: EVGA gforce 8800 320meg $289

HD: 320gig western digital AAKS sata 3.0 $75

DVD drive: samsung 20x dvd burner $29

sound:Creative audigy2 $25

Floppy: still needed IMO. Samsung internal $7

OS: windows xp home $90

Monitor: samsung 22" wide screen 2ms gtg rate=no ghosting $319

CPU cooler: arctic cooling freezer7pro $20

thermal paste: arctic silver ceramique $5

$1534 without shipping but you could just use your old audigy2 and put the other machine on MB sound.

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