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Is this a good way to spend $4500?

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yeah, for gaming the FX would have been kick-a$$. The X2 dual cores are ok, but for gaming, the faster single cores do better (or even the X2-4800). the X2-3800 is not exactly on the high end of performance (but still up there).

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im not sure about building a comparable system for under 2k, but certainly could do it for 3k. honestly i think anything over 3k for anything other than a supercomputer (and i mean that literaly, not figuratively), is absolutely insane.

and they are right. i really dont think u'll be able to use that rig to wat its capable of b/c its being used mostly for gaming, and even further for ww2ol :P

i REALLY advise going for a cheaper system, building ur own (a LOT cheaper), or just going with a pretty decent system that isnt THE best. not that the system isnt worth 4500, just that im not sure its worth 4500 to YOU

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I just built my pc 3 months ago for 3k and it was this.

Asus A8N deluxe SLI mb

2 gigs Corsair XMS 2225 DDR400

2- Asus 6800GT's

WD Raptor 10k rpm 74 gig HD

AMD 4200X2 dual core processor

Viewsonic VP191b 19" LCD monitor

5.1 Logitech speakers

Saitek backlit keyboard

Saitek X52 J/S

Gamin case with 500W PS

Sound blaster Audigy 2 value sound

DVDR drive

I would not spend 4k on a computer at all. I think this was too much and I built it myself. You DO NOT need ALL that stuff. Get or build a decent computer for 1 or 2 k and be happy.


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thats a very good setup

theres always a underlying problem with building them your self

sometimes theres problems..

big problems that you can't fix.

it just happens sometimes..

and you dont have someone that will come out and fix it for you.

thats about the specs of my computer

but i have a athlon 64 3200+ Oc'd to 2.901Ghz

and twin BFG 6800 ultra 512MB in Sli for video

the 7800Gtx is a steller performer.

though i think my 6800Ultra may still smoke its arse.

lol that 512 megs on a 6800 ultra is no match for a gtx.... it would take your two 6800's to even get NEAR the performance of one gtx.... hell i just bougth a 7800gt and it blows anything out of the water ive seen 1 on 1 of any 6800 series.... when you have a crapload of pixel pipelines m8 your gonna get kickass performace.... 7800 series is kickarse...

revi out

p.s. i just built this this last month

3700+ san diego

7800 gt sli

gigabyte k8n ultra sli

2 gig low latency ram dual channel

dual hitachi 3.0 gb SATAII hard drives in raid 0

i get roughly and rarely go below 100 fps in ww2 now.... heavy combat i peek at 100 and go down to around 70-80..... i lvoe my new system

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I consider alienware to rip people off, but they DO have good customer service, so it might be a good investment. They let you choose the parts though right? Before buying it read a review on EVERY PEICE at www.tomshardware.com

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The x2 3800+ isn't a very speedy part...the x2 4400+ is considered by most to be MOST bang for the buck right now.

I'd get the fx 57 over the x2...this game seems pretty cpu intensive with all the calculations being done and couple that with a fast video card and your going to get very playable framerates.

CPU is KING in this game.

a single 7800 would do you well enough for this game and most others....but having a sli motherboard does give u options to add a 2nd later on.

Having built quite a few computers I'll say that it's a real pain to figure out when things go wrong...and I've built some lemons. Buying a nice machine retail isn't a bad deal when it's tricked out to the max and they GUARANTE it and actually give support and HAVE DONE the IMPORTANT work to assure parts and drivers all MESH TOGETHER.

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