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'No Joystick? Premade Mouse/Keyboard Keymap files Inside plus Keymapper Info'

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I just finished my Premade mouse and keyboard control files for people to download if they don't have a joystick or want to explore other control options.

it is a .zip file, you might need to download [free] Win Zip to open the compressed file. use google.

also, I'm not quite sure where the cfml folder for ww2ol on the MAC is at, could someone post that information?

the file is under 100kb and has extensive readme's with a ton of information.

if you have any questions, corrections, or comments, feel free to PM me or send me an Email at

you can download them here:

or as an attachment to this post.

I am currently looking for people to translate these files, this post, and the cfml [i'm not sure if different language versions of ww2ol uses those languages in the cfml code]. please contact me if you want to help spread these to our foreign brothers and sisters in arms.

I also have a Keymapper website on which I am begining a massive update [this was the first step] to include tons more useful tools, informations, and tips on getting the most out of your controls in ww2ol: battleground europe.

I am also looking for help on this also, specifically I am looking for a programmer [must be dedicated, been burnt too many times] who can help create an ultimate keymapper third party program for ww2ol: battleground europe. basically it needs to be able to read and write xml files [cfml files are in a basic xml code] and detect joystick inputs. I have several design ideas and know the inner working of the keymapper as I help develop and test both the keymapper and cfml code lanuage directly with the crs programmer Rickb. [now if only they'll listen to all my suggestions.... lol...]

and as usual, I am available to help via PM or email, your keymapping or joystick needs.

Cheers and Good Hunting,


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I discovered a setting that "apparently" added 30-50% better framerates for me in a battle town. This actually was at one time in the game but the setting was lost at some point. Rick is putting it back in (I just hard coded it in my source).

Playing in Turnout before I was getting 8-13 fps and 15-20 afterwards.

However there is still a "stutter" that happens randomly that drops the fps to like 4 or so for a frame or two then recovers. That one is still a mystery but I can focus on that now that the average FPS is up.

I am still testing to make sure this doesn't mess something else up.

But it's way more fun now :-)



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