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Joystick not being read - My fix

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I have just read several forums regarding why joysticks are not being read due to problems with keyboards. The reason being; this last week I got a new machine compete with a G15 Logitech keyboard and experienced the same problem; WWIIOL would not read the throttle, joystick or pedals. (I too have the CH Products controllers)

I know SgtSpoon, one of my programming heros had a great explaination on what it happening and some possible solutions. The one I don't like playing with is disabling hid drivers...I am a novice and scared to death of tweaks. What I did try, and it worked was; I disconnected my G15 and plugged in a ps2 standard old keyboard, fired up the computer, sure enough the controllers were recognized. So I thought, what if I kept the computer on, the old keyboard plugged in and plugged in the G15.....I still had recognition of the controls in WWIIOL and full function of the G15. I just keep the old keyboard plugged in and out of the way.

Now I know, this is a pain (unplugging / plugging in the G15) each start up, but at least I have the controllers and my G15 working. Maybe this is yet another clue to help resolve the dilema and get a fix.


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it's harmless...

can't hurt or damage anything at all. I promise you....

all a hid is, is a little memory resident program that assigns a user defined macro or keystroke to a usb devices key or button. for joysticks, it's the profile where you assign a keystroke to a joystick button, same on the mouse, on the keyboard, it'll be a "media key" like "internet", "play", "volume +", "mail", "homepage", ect. it's for it's that simple...

if you disable something and discover that you lose functionality of that button on the device, you can simply re-enable it once again the same way you disabled it. you can even just unplug the device and plug it back in, usb is designed to "hotswap" (meaning you can plug into or remove it while the computer is up and running). in fact, that's actually the basis of this bug, there's a slight occational glitch in windows with hotswapping where a ghost hid driver gets installed (a hid without a device or an unneeded second one).

it's not some core thing that's gonna cause any problems, I'd be alot more loud about the dangers. since there aren't any at all, I don't even add any disclaimer or warning...

in 99% of people doing this, they don't even lose one bit of functionality of any of their devices and those that do, don't lose anything they ever use..

remember, I use "Lose" in a TEMPORARY manner, meaning ONLY AS LONG AS THAT HID IS DISABLED, not gone for good or where you have to reinstall the drivers or programs to get back. it's simply not like that...

if you disable a hid and the usb device it's used for stops working partially (like the media keys only, not the regular keyboard keys as we are talking USER defined keys or bluetooth functionality) all you have to do is simply go back into device manager and re-enable that specific hid or simply unpug the usb device and then plug it back in (thus reinstalling and reinitializing it)...

so have no fear of this, it's generally the best and easiest (well, least inconvenient) way to "fix" this problem and sometimes, the ONLY way.

if you don't lose functionality of something you use, simply leave it disabled. no need to disable then re-enable it each time, which is also something else you can do (disable it only while playing the game)...

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Thanks sgtspoon.....

Will give it a go. Of course the next issue is that of fps. With this new computer I have I am lucky to get 30fps, which is a real bummer......

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