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Rats please give us an update

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No offence to you Jaeger55 I know your trying to help but:

That 's point right there. where does this end? there is no limits to how far we can take this, for example:

Required System Specifications (PC)

* Windows XP

* 1.2 GHz CPU (2 GHz Recommended)

* 512 MB of RAM (1GB Recommended)

* 128 MB 3d Video Card (OpenGL v1.2 compliant)

* DirectSound-compatibile Audio Card

* 32X CD-ROM (installation only)

* 56K Modem or with Internet connection

(broadband internet connection recommended)

* 1GB free hard disc space

* DirectX 9.0 or higher

Now this being posted by Krieger means i dont need a 2.5-3 GHz processor dude thats my point. Now What I'm trying to get at is;

with the above specs, are you suppose to get 5 fps or 50. If we need to go out and get the latest biggest mamouth pc's then fine but they are bound to these specs and should make the game work properly to the above specs. final.

No go out and get a Pentium 20 5000GHz with a million megs of ram story. That is what me and the above poster's are talking about. If this game needs more then change the minimum requirement or come out with a patch that will fix some of the FPS issues.

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bitburn that is what Im upset about. I have alot of good friends in this game and do not want to see them leave. I have put alot of time and money in ww2 because I enjoy the guys I work with and hate to see so many of them go though this. Are guys upset? yes they love the game as much as the next guy and it upsets them to see all the upgrades and tweeks they must do to get a few FPS just to play. If i had what they recommend I would 2 fps thats not cool

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lock the tree's so people cant change them and get an advantage...fine, so why make em different? that's what you guy's dont get and for some reason keep arguing about. what we are saying is why did they make a change that would affect it that bad and for everyone, leave them to what they where before then everybody is in the same boat and this issue goes away.

I get the feeling a couple of folks in here are bias to CRS end of story, trying to justify why they did what they did and why we should all go out and buy new video cards c'mon on who's payroll are you guy's?

Guess what, I whent out and bought a new vid card and i still get 10-15 FPS in town with a 6600GT so give it a rest with the new vid cards, everything in my system's exeed's the system requirements and i can prove it! But i can already see that you should of got this card for 1000$ comments coming and keep em, nobody wants to hear it.

The game was fine before they did this, end of story if you guy's cant agree to that then seriously you must get some kick backs! YEAH I SAID IT!!! Cause this affected everybody. they could of locked the old tree's and the old grass on one setting and done this tread goes away.

I understand that every game must evolve and that yeah at one point your gear wont really be up to par but the borrom line is post a warning do something. to find out the hard way that hey you cant play anymore but check it out we got some really cool tree's!!! Go get a new vid card you'll see they rock is un acceptable end of story.

CRS this is for you:

Sticky a recommended Vid card requirement on the top of this board and end this retarded tread, All "pretty much" your players will accept that they need to make changes to play, they love the game and will face that fact. but dont wait till it's too late and half of your community is stuck on the back fence.

Amen. Now tell that to wasp in the "fps sucks" thread. And you're right, where is CRS, why haven't they said anything about this. This isn't helping to get new players, once they see 2 fps out of their tank they'll just say "screw this game".

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