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Best sound card for about $50 US?

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ebay "audigy 2 pci"

It's good reliable hardware accelerated sound. They were top dog best you could get for gaming about 3-4 years ago. Last I checked you can get one for $25 buy it now. Most of the newer sound cards that are a good price are software driven and really no better than MB sound.

You have to spend at least $50-$75 or more to get a better sound card than the audigy2 and they don't sell audigy2's in new parts stores any more. The only newer, better performing, alternative IMO is the creative xfi xtreme music or xtreme gamer. They are generally 60-90$.

OOOoo... $19.95.

Don't ask me if they make vista drivers. I don't know but I doubt it for some reason.

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