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Sound Problem?

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Figured this would do better in the Windows Community forum or whatever.

First off i should say to the people who had the same problem with me (ran into a few), about not being able to post on the forums due to the image verification not loading for them, if you are able to log in to the forums, then you don't have to verify your posts and you can get around that. Anyways.

Ever since the patch the audio is horrible, low quality, sometimes sounds like something from a Nes Nintendo, and i sometimes hear these weird laser sounds in the game. Armor, atgs, aircraft, and especially mortars sound great, but infantry weapons sound odd. SA is terrible now, and it's hard to judge in what general direction the shot is coming from, and if it's close or not.

For example, i was running through a row of bushes, i heard a rifle firing, or what i figured was a rifle it's hard to tell now. So i kept going through the bushes, and i found him. He was still firing, and the audio from his rifle was the same as before, it wasn't louder or anything, or not that i could tell anyways.

None of the infantry weapons audio in the game sound like they should or at least the British and German weapons, dunno about the french weapons.

Also i was running around.. somewhere, and i heard some odd clicking noises. I looked on my minimap, and figured it was an ei cause their were no friendly tags around me, so i ran around frantically looking for him, and it turned out that it was a lmg firing at me, and somehow he didn't kill me.

Unless all of this is intentional, it is probably my soundcard, cause it is a piece of junk, and maybe i need to get a new one. Also for me the mp40 actually sounds 'similar' to a m60.

Before i possibly waste a $100 on a new sound card, can someone who knows their audio is fine makes some kind of audio clip or maybe even a short youtube video of the British smg or the German smg firing. If it's different i probably need a new sound card. (I'm using some kind of modem/soundcard that came with the computer)


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