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1st Gebirgsjager, are you what we need? Are we what you need?

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1st Gebirgsjager (1stJager) is currently looking favorable to new recruits and old time veterans alike requesting to join our ranks. We are Axis only! Everyone, knows everyone in our squad. We have about 45 members, have kicked over 100+!

If you are still reading :

Our squad has certain rules and regulations, so we are not for every soldier out there.

What we need is :

- Squad players who take interest in squad ops over solo play

- Players who use TeamSpeak/Ventrilo (mandatory for squad ops)

- Peeps who reg for our forum (mandatory)

Great! You seem to be who we need!

What we dont need are :

- Hidden Dual accounts

- Sideswitchers during campaigns

- Non reponders to direct chat

- Soloers who want to use our squad to infiltrate Axis lines

- Soloers in general

- Allies! ;)

Phew! That filtered a lot of new recruits. Great! You are valuable to us!

What we dont care about :

What country you are from.

What race/sex/belief/age you are etc

If you have a squaky teamspeak voice or not.

If you only fly/sail or do landbattles


What we offer is :

Own Secure Ventrilo Server

Excellent renowed tag for ingame use (1stJager)

a steady playercore striving towards squad continuity

Sunday/Monday squad operations

becoming part of the Axis core alliance

Unique personalised Squad Ribbon & Reward system

Together We Stand Strong, One For All, All For One.

Training in all skills

Syndication into other online playable games.

Free sheep herd after 2 years of service

Yeah, thats right! We offer all that!

So if you still reading you must now think :"Hey! This is about me!" then check our website


Reg for our forum with ingame tag and get the ball rolling!

S! Thanks for your time! Cya on the Battlefield!

This message will self destruct after 5 new recruits :)

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BUMP.... any new players to battlegroundeurope come join 1stgebirgsjager. We have a ventrilo server , squad nights every sunday-monday , active and very dedicated squad,

We are a land,sea and air squad and as long as you dont play allied, or side swapping thats fine.

As lampie said check out the site and register on our forums.

New members have a trial period after that you will have your very own SIG, after you have been on a few ops with the squad and been in the squad for a very long time you should recieve your first ribbons etc....

i think lampie was going to write this at one point. :)

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So.. are there new recruits still out there.. we are still looking for fresh meat for the grinder :D

Tevens voor de NL'ers onder ons.. in deze squad zitten er aardig wat, dus als je t fijn vind om en WWII online te spelen en NL te lullen.. joinen zou ik zeggen..

So... pull us at our jackets ingame (if u can) or pm me here.. its up to you!

Leanderj Out!

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