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Do you like Panzers?


We do,

3rd Panzerguppe is the place for dedicated as well as casual players


artists, movie makers, newsreporters etc...

We come from all over the world

Notice that we have a new website!



Join the Fun!


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3rd Panzergruppe is the PREMIER LATENIGHT SQUAD!

Welcome Axis soldaten!

3rd Panzergruppe is an Axis squad dedicated to playing smart, and having fun.

3rd Panzergruppe is one of the first Axis squads created in May, 2001 by some of the founders of the Axis HC (OKW).

During the first few years of this game, 3rd Panzergruppe played an important role with squads like SG, ToT, KGW, 1LB, and 91st, to create the foundation of the Axis side in this game.

Over the first 5 years of the game, 3rd Panzergruppe earned the reputation as the "Breakfast Club". 3rd Panzergruppe grew to became the most dominant squad in WW2OL. Reaching numbers over 1,800 with over 1,000 active, 3rd Panzergruppe quickly grew to the largest squad in game.

Under the leadership of Dinker; who is still widely regarded as the greatest leader in this game, 3PzG continues to dominate the later hours of Timezone 2.

Currently fielding around 10+ members during the day, with 20+ at night, 3rd Panzergruppe is a very active squad. Made up of mostly game veterans from all over the world, 3PzG will be a good experience for anyone looking to have more fun in their daily game play. We are aiming to increase our membership to field around 30 a night.

3rd Panzergruppe operates under the values of:

FUN FIRST: Our leadership believes this game should not be a constant chess match. We encourage fun for all our members, and operate as such. We do not believe in a strict military structure, and allow our members to operate in game as they please. Our leadership keep the squad organized throughout the day, giving the members an option to lone-wolf, or join the team. Our only rule, do not tie up comms.

MEMBERS ABOVE ALL ELSE: 3rd Panzergruppe will always support our members in any situation. Whether it be an incident with the HC, training ingame, or problems in RL, our leadership considers the members of our squad a family, and will treat them as such. We do however, hold our members to a high standard, and will expect that standard to be followed.

ACTIVITY: 3rd Panzergruppe has done it all. From being the largest most dominating squad in game, to hosting CinC's and members of CRS in our ranks. A very important key value is activity from our members. We ask that all current members and future recruits maintain their activity in game and represent our squad accordingly. We do not require an hourly minimum in game but we suggest our members check the forums at least once a week, and log into game as much as they are able.

3rd Panzergruppe offers the following Abteilungs or Battalions for our members:

Guderian: For those who prefer tanking

Kluge: For those who love to ATG and AA

Rommel: For those who enjoy the infantry game

We offer leadership opportunities throughout these Abteilungs as well as Staff positions in the squad.


-Visit our website at http://3pzg.clangrid.com

-Follow the instructions in the recruitment section of the forums

-Download and install Teamspeak using the information form the forums

-Speak to a member with a 3PZG tag ingame

We look forward to hearing from you, and hope to see you in our ranks soon!


-3 times out of 3, Lince's most valuable squad on the Axis side: Based on number of kills, towns capped, and in game influence.

-Voted most valuable squad by the Allies

-Over 100 top players awards


-Dinker: Widely regarded as greatest leader in game history

-Peepers: Incredibly flamboyant

-Thefsg: 24/7 leader

-Hotfink: LW Ace

-Cyboag: Aussie leader and infantry stud

-Lawman51: 24/7 leader

-Potthead: Widely regarded as the craziest but most fun leader in game

-Kacman: Dedicated team-player

-Devildawg: HC stud

-Smug: Who is smug?

-Slob: The craziest SOB in this game

-Drill: Loved by all and now heterosexual

Edited by peepers

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