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(~AXIS~) Knights Von Deutschland

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S! All New and Old WWIIOL Players! The KNIGHTS were formed back in the early days of when paras were first put into the game, in 2005. Since then we have grown to a larger state of Fallschirmjager (Para) Operations, Forward Observation, Town Defense, Panzer Columns, Luftwaffe Air Support and much, much more. Over the years since its founding in 2005, the KNIGHTs have had many HC officers pass through its ranks, such as Former 12th Armee CO Spock420, Former Axis CoS Kbees, and a current (squad) HC member who was a 12th Armee CO, OLavv The Great Defender
. Currently our squad is highly and mosty High Command. KVD is where most of the elite are born and made into the elite. We enjoy squad nights, and "Get together" squad meetings.

KVD is a HC member squad of the 2nd Fallschirmjager, 2nd Gruppe.

KVD would be more then willing to accept any new players to the game. You would make the greatest meaning to KVD.

Our website and forums can be found


Our email is here.



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I remember back in 2007 when you guys took me in. :) Had alot of fun with you guys and alot of memories were formed.

Maybe I'll think about rejoining. ;)

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