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BEGM Map Videos

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Campaign 53 Full Video:


This video was recorded without the deathmaps. Looking at it now, it looks somewhat bland without that info there, so I'm going back to putting the deathmaps in.

There was also a few periods during this map where the data collection stalled for awhile, same front line map for an extended period of time. I'm not sure why this happened. I haven't paid as much attention to it during this map as I usually have.

Campaign 53

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Campaign 56 Video, Plus two 6fps videos of the breakouts during Campaign 55 (I thought I have uploaded those already)

Campaign 55 - Luxembourg Push

Campaign 55 (Allied Right, Axis Center)

Campaign 56.wmv

As always there were a couple of data collection burps - once when we lost power, and the comodo firewall went nuts and locked up two computers for a day. Then there was another when the wiretap feed was down for a bit.


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Wonder work here sjkeegs, very "infortaining" to watch, reviewing this should be mandatory during the OCS.

Season's greetings and S!

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Here is a 6fps version of the recent Axis breakout.

Campaign 59 - Axis Breakout

Don't know what happened during this Campaign. I saw the breakout occurring and decided to go ahead and create a movie of it. What I found was Picasa had a number of my files in the wrong order, Wrong timestamps, Time data in the exif or xmp data which had never been there before. Semi-corrupted file names.

I was going to just edit the few files that appeared corrupted, but then I discovered that about half the files in the previous week were also corrupted. Hand editing a dozen files would have been ok, but half a weeks worth of files adds up to ~1000 jpg files.

I ended up having to create script that went through and fixed up the file names, removed the exif data, and reset the timestamps to the date/time called out in the file name (next campaign the file names will be sortable in date/time order!! - I usually try to set groups of files that way)

So the last two weeks are sorted out, on to fix up the rest of the files....

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How do you make these?

I capture the wallpapers generated by xiper's BEGM application (link on first post) once every 5 minutes. It's a small (but growing) autohotkey script that captures the files, and compresses them. After that I simply create the movies using Picasa. One week of video generally averages out to around 2000 map pictures (it doesn't always update every 5 minutes).

It runs on an old 500MHz PIII machine, chugging along in the basement. During the flooding in the North East last weekend, it was still happily recording pictures on my workbench with 2 inches of water on the floor.

Actually here's the current "about" text for the autohotkey script


BEGM Maps is designed to record a series of pictures of the Battleground Europe map so that the individual maps can be combined to create a video of the map movement during an entire Campaign.

It uses the following resources to create the map files


Wiretap - kfsone's Wiretap Battleground Europe data

BEGM - The BEGM application by xiper

ImageMagik - Used to convert the BEGM bmp file into a compressed jpg

It records its information in the BEGM.ini file:



ImageMagik - location of ImageMagik convert.exe

Location - location of the Wallpaper file generated by BEGM (change via menu)

Conversion - location of the directory to place the jpg files into (change via menu)


Update - Filename / Timestamp of last recorded picture (updated 1 per hour)

CampaignPics - Number of jpg pictures accumulated

Number - Current Battleground Europe Campaign

compress - jpg compression level (change via menu)


resetTime - reset time in seconds (will restart computer if no new pictures recorded during this period of time) (change via menu)

resets - number of resets recorded

Reset# - Time stamps of each restart initiation


programVersion Current Version number of this application

[Format] - See Autohotkey documentation for allowable formatting

f1 - Primary format string for Filename / Timestamp generation

f2 - Secondary format string (placed at the end of f1 iff f2 is defined)

f1update - To change the output format set the f1/f2 update values and

f2update - use the UpdateFormat menu item

How it works


This application watches the BEGM wallpaper file waits for it to be updated. When that occurs ImageMagik is run to create a copy of the current map. The map update rate is controlled by the wallpaper update rate set in BEGM. Pressing the map update button in BEGM will generate multiple maps in quick succession.

BEGM Maps records the last time the wallpaper was updated, and if the last update occurred longer than "resetTime" seconds ago, then the computer will be restarted (provides auto-restart for new campaigns-computer fault-BEGM faults)

Edited by sjkeegs

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I'll be uploading these videos to Youtube now that I've noticed that they are displayed in a higher resolution than they were when I first attempted to upload them.


Campaign 47

First data capture attempts. There were a number of gaps in the data collection during the initial campaign captures.


Campaign 47-The Road to Koln

The end of Campaign 47 at 6fps instead of 24.

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Campaign 48


Campaign 48 Full (6 fps)


Campaign 48 - Day 1



Campaign 49

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