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[AXIS] JG51 Molders is Recruiting!

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S! Jagdflieger!

JG51 Molders is recruiting LW pilots in the GMT & Europe timezone as well

as across the USA.

Interested in joining a dedicated LW Squad?

JG51 concentrates on deploying the Bf109 (all variants) only,

on Squad nite operations. (players may fly what they wish all other times.)

* use of authentic LW tactics

* training for new players and new arrivals to the LW.

* friendly team

* staff have over 12 years experience in on-line WW2 flight sims.

* dedicated Teamspeak channel

* training program

* training materials

* fun coordianted squad operations

For more details visit: http://www.jg51molders.com

Look out for:

Teetwo CO

Jaatee XO

Or Bubi01 - European Staffel Kommandeur online, or send private messages

to us here in the forums.

S! Luftwaffe

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S! Luftwaffe!

JG51 is looking for fighter pilots of all levels in both US and GMT/Europe Time Zones.

We have openings now in 8te Staffel, JG51 (our Euopean timezone Staffel) for those interested in flying with a friendly, dedicated and professional team of LW flyers, who use the best of breed tactics and teamwork in achieving our aims. 8te Staffel CO Bubi01 is online most week days between 19:00 GMT and 23:00 GMT and again on Sundays at that time for anyone who wants to hook up and fly some missions and consider joining the Staffel.

New to flying? No problem, we have a comprehensive training program, and some of the best pilots in the game to help you refine your skills, or we can simply start from the beginning if you're a total newcomer.

WANT TO JOIN? .pm bubi01 or visit http://www.jg51molders.com/Join.php

and leave a post in our forum.

8te Staffel squad ops, occur Sundays from 20:00GMT-22:00GMT

Where we fly Bf109 missions only during that time period in support of other LW bomber groups, or too support our Kamerden on the ground by flying cover over target and offensive air ops & interdiction.

Don't forget 1te Staffel our USA team of flyers are also recruiting!


We hope to see you join the ranks of JG51 sometime soon!


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Come on you euro-time and GMT flyers! 1 brave soul has stepped into my recruiting office - let's get some more stepping forward and get a truly excellent Staffel built here.

Come on you Brits, Frenchies, Germans, Nordic-Scandanavian types...we need you all!

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New pilots don’t feel like you have to join our squadron to tag along with us. We believe in team play and that means helping out the Axis side in any way we can. We are more than willing to help out any new players even if you don’t intend on joining JG51.

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