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So I played wwiiol on a ramdisk

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Ramdisks dont need defragged.

Reason being they are created new every time you reboot your PC.

THe proper way to set it up game wise is to install the game to the ramdisk and then apply all relevent patches, set all game settings, apply all keymappings, then when everything is how you want it to be, ZIP or RAR the entire ramdisk to your hard drive.

When you reboot windows, the ram drive is recreated, every time and its BLANK.

Just put a script in your startup to unzip or unrar the game to the ramdisk every time you boot up.

If you install a new patch or modify any keymaps, just update the master zip file you made.

Mind you the only benefit of the ramdisk is in loadtimes, and the game itself runs at the same speed and fps.

SWAP file in ramdisk is like french kissing your sister.

Yea you could do it, but there isnt any good reason to.

Just disable the swap file, same effect.

Might want to turn it on if you run ms office or edit video/audio and stuff.

Alot of those apps use the swap file for undo functions as well as processing effects, edits and what not.

Gamewise it shouldnt matter though, except for a few games made by MS.

Those cry about no virtual memory even if theres 8 gigs of ram, go figure?

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4 gig RAM arrived today, and first impressions are good - loading and spawning times were reduced and use of the map felt a bit speedier.

Didn't get a memory leak which I have been suffering from the last couple of patches.

Also didn't fly CAS (doh) as I was having too much fun on the ground, but will try that and report back.

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Flew CAS over schilde yeserday - got stutters, but nowhere near as bad as from a non-ramdisk setup.

To be fair I think half the axis and allies were there, multiple groundpounders were complaining about single digit fps :)

Unity II better haul ayass

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I opened this threads for us tech freaks because of a funny finding,

"useful" for all 32bit windows system to go with "huge ammounts of RAM":


With PAE-mode enabled, all 32-bit Windows editions could "per se" access up

to 64 GB of main memory (at least with recent hardware). However, different

Windows editions limit the amount of managed RAM to 2, 3.25 or 4 GB by the

will of Bill Gates.

So what?

Amazingly, the newer version of the program "RamDisk 9.0 Plus" (old version

mentioned in this thread) can provide a RAM-Disk also in the "unmanaged RAM".

This is something many people don´t like to hear, since many claimed that

this would be "impossible". Well,it works, and remembering the good old DOS

times with HIMEM.SYS & Co, it actually sounds very familiar that "extended"

RAM can be provided to the OS in the one or other way.

Any advantages?

Yes. Beside the threads topic (running wwiiol on a RAM-disk *with* disabled

page file to get rid of loading caused stutters), and the fun to test those

things, you could also use a big RAM-disk for the page-file, the size only

depending on your physical RAM.

For what? Well, if some actually has (e.g.) 8 GB RAM (RAM is cheap nowdays)

and hesitates to switch to a 64 bit system (like me), you could

create e.g. a 4 MB RAM-Drive in this "unmaneged RAM" and place a 4 GB page-file

there ... this 4 GB would be available to programs like placing a page

file on the hard disk. Not as elegant as using a 64 bit system directly, but

should be much, much faster than paging on the hard disk.

Also it is funny as hell:)

Example: for my WinXP (32 bit) (sp2) I have installed 4G hardware RAM. However,

my windows is only managing ca. 3.25 GB, and after loading and mapping of RAM-addresses

from other devices (like vga card), only ca. 2.8 GB free RAM are available

from the managed RAM for applications. Well, What about this ca. 0.75 GB unmanaged

physical RAM? -> by using RamDisk 9.0, I can create a ramdrive of at least 0.75 GB

in this unmanaged RAM - without limitting free RAM resources provided by Windows!

(I also could make a bigger one, but thenn also the managed RAM would partially

included, as usual).

Currently I try the test-version of this tool (expires 15 days after installation),

but I realy consider to by it.Just because of the fun it already delivered me to

play around with such well-thought software.

Best wishes,

until next year when someone opens this thread,


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Anyone recall what the Rats said the size of BE will be once TEII is implemented? I think of the Rats mentioned they didnt want to go down to 10m resolution terrain since it would end up occupying 20 gigs on your HD, hence the 90m future res...

I'm guessing even 90m res terrain will still be pretty large, and invalidate alot of player's ramdrive solutions.

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