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[live server] Event concept : Easter eggs targets

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Since the event team got a much important role in the projet, I would like to suggest the following concept to be tried once :

During a campaign, to stimulate participation of players when numbers are low, the event team chose 2 "easter egg targets" (two towns : one owned by allies, one owned by axis) and chose the duration of the related event.
If a camp manages to capture the opposed target before the end of the timer, their side gets an "extra" (side question : for how long ?).
These extras would be related to KFS1's online data interface (extra units, reduced supply timer, reduced movement speed for brigades, ...).

I would even suggest to separate the event in 2 parts : one side first head for a target, and when timer is over, the other side will head for a target, hence making everyone focus on 1 objective at a time and not spread out people too much.

Best would be to nominate 2 official OICs per target (one US & one Euro) that will be trying to motivate and coordinate troops during that short period. We are lacking true in field command, this could be a good start before the expected UI & gameplay changes.

Of course, the team should create a scenario-like announcement, that would simulate a war-related opportunity.

The concept could be extended for air game, with factory defense.

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