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*** Bad FPS bug found

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Here's an intersting item Ahwulf.

When I play armour or atg...I get not bad fps for my machine 6-10 fps.

But when I play inf now....same setup...I get like 1 fps.

Mb because the "view" is so limited in the tank or idea about this but it seems consistent regardless of location in the or country.


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I find it interesting that my "ancient" 800 MHz iMac G4 with 512 MB RAM and 32 MB GeForce4MX gets almost the same FPS as a 2 GHz G5. I can play anything but inf at this time and get upwards of 15-20 fps as long as I don't look at a city (<5 fps then). I was able to drag a camle to a city the other night and got 4 ei until I ran out of ammo. The lag was horrendous but it was still fun to play.

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The problem is mostly for infantry play, its a different set of code for vehicles that's why it worse for infantry

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The FPS Hits seems to be coming from the chat window.

Please Read on:

Gophur: Major bugs and defects encountered in Mac OS 1.19

Dear Gophur,

As I struggle to continue playing this game despite the fact that this latest Macintosh version barely seems to function even after the million steps not described on the install site one has to take to properly install it I have been compiling a list of defects which no-one seems to be addressing.

First of all here is my current system configuration.

Machine Model: Power Mac G5

CPU Type: PowerPC G5 (2.2)

Number Of CPUs: 2

CPU Speed: 2 GHz

L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB

Memory: 2.5 GB

Bus Speed: 1 GHz

Boot ROM Version: 5.1.8f7

Memory: 2.5 MBS Ram

Video Card:

Nvidia Geforce FX 5200

Running Mac OS X 10.3.9

My WW2OL configuration is as follows:


Resolution 1024X768

Millions 32 bit

Refresh 120hz locked to refresh rate

FSAA samples OFF

FSAA quality Off

(My monitors are set to 1024 x 768 120hz prior to entering the game.)


Enable Sounds

Force stereo OFF

Convert sounds on load ON

Max sounds 128

3D quality Low

Vol Up all the way

Music Down all the way


Clear viewport not checked

Show info checked

Shadow 0

Vis dist Far



Supress Muzzle smoke

Suppress tracer

LOD field of View Checked

LOD Limit per frame Checked


Texture reduction is ON

Everything else including enable multi-texturing is OFF

Enable radial clutter is ON

Set to middle both sliders

Visible player limit is high

Language English

Joystick is a CH Fighterstick


Both sliders set to halfway

Tree resolution is Medium

Use Tree Vertex Shader is checked.

I can not turn on the textures they are blinding and so poorly conceived that I can’t see a thing but millions of tiny dots when they’re on.

I cannot hear engine sounds of any vehicle that I am in for example planes, trucks, tanks.

I can hear other’s engine sounds but often they are mixed up or coming from seemingly the wrong direction.

For example a fairmille will play a laffly sound.

A PZ to my right will sound like it’s coming from my left.

Enemy AI seems to follow me and only me around like a magnet.

If I’m anywhere close to it out of 12 or so others near it it picks me and chases me around till it gets me.

The most serious problem besides not being able to hear audio properly, view the textures as I could before this patch and being unfairly followed around by enemy AI, is the apparent memory leak which seems connected somehow to the text chat window.

I discovered that after being logged into the game for some time I start to get FPS hits that seem to be coming at regular intervals.

I’ll be getting 20 – 30 fps when every 3 or 4 secs I’ll get a 3fps hit which causes everything to freeze for a second then move again.

If I’m running I will be running at a frame rate which would have been decent if I had all my graphics turned on all the way (which since this patch is impossible) and my character freezes at 3 fps then runs again and so on.

I’ve tossed preferences, defragged my hard drive, re-installed the game, etc nothing seemed to work.

Finally I started playing around with turning the HUD on and off I realized that had no effect on the fps issue however when I turned off the chat window it fixed it.

The FPS hit issue connected to the chat window seems to only start happening once I’ve been in the game a while.

Eventually the FPS hits when the chat window is up get more and more frequent and if I don’t leave the game the hits result in an eventual crash to the desktop.

It’s like the buffer isn’t clearing and seems characteristic with a standard memory leak issue in the program.

I do notice that it doesn't coincide with a new line of text being displayed. It will happen at regular intervals whether something is typing on a channel I'm displaying or not

Anyone else experiencing all these issues?

Will they ever be fixed Gophur?

Whenever I go on the help channel and ask about them I’m told it’s because I’m on a Mac and I should by a PC.

If the manufactures truly have this much contempt for what I’m assuming is a decent share of your customers who are on Mac platforms may I suggest you stop trying to sign us up with this poorly constructed Mac version of the game and we’ll stop subscribing to it.

All the feedback I’m getting from players is that the PC version works great and no-one is experiencing these issues except the Mac users.

Can Mac users expect to receive refunds for their subscriptions since the premature release of version 1.19?

Can we also expect to receive checks from Playnet soon for our services as full-time beta testers of this latest release?

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the bug has been identified and although the chat bar also sucks up FPS, macintosh users have an additional FPS killer which is the bug ahwulf has found.

i hate to ask but its so frustrating and so hard to play infantry right now - is there any kind of ETA on this fix? Will it be patched once the fix is found or do we have to wait for them to patch it with any other stuff they find later on?

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But when I turn off the chat box the fps hits stop.

Spawn some where with lot's of trees.

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On my system when I have the "locked to refresh rate" checked my FPS goes way down. Also I do better with FSAA quality set at high.

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The trees aren't doing anything my end or if they are I don't notice it. But the text chat box eventually causes my system to ctd. It's like I'm being pinged to death. Happens when I'm flying driving walking doesnt matter.

What is FSAA? What does it do?

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