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Fixing the .voteCO command ingame to safeguard all squad members

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CRS, any plans to fix the obvious flaw with .voteCO command in game?

Currently when the active members want to vote a new CO via the .voteCO command, the current CO can simply kick everybody in the squad, including those people being voted for.

CRS, my suggestion would be to suspend all squad recruiting and kicking for 24 hours whilst a .voteCO is in process. Obviously CRS didnt expect COs to act maliciously, but there does need to be some checks and balances in place to protect the members in the unlikely event that their CO goes loopy.

So come on CRS, do the playerbase a favour, every squad member needs to be able to safely cast a vote without fear of being booted from the squad for voting "the wrong way"... we dont want to promote Zimbabwe-esque leadership contests here, simple democracy where the members vote for their leader and the candidate with the most votes wins.

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