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great dogfights of campain 54

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it was late in the afternoon today when i lifted off from Gilze air strip in my p-36/75 hawk. i climbed seeing aircraft above me. at 26000 meters i saw a plane with a yellow nose scream in 600 meters below me, i recognized this airplane as the Messerschmidt Bf 109 E-1! I nosed over my craft and pulled into the enemies flight, squeezing off a burst at long range. the craft checked his six and saw me blowing tracers at him. he swerved off to the left with a uncoordinated turn to shake me, but my nimble craft was faster and more agile in a turn! I took up a pursuit angle and cached up with him, the flabbergasted German tried going into a loop but i turned into it. I pulled my trigger at almost point blank ripping tracers into his smoking ship. The German decided that he would use his crafts advantage: Pure Speed. he flew away in a strait flight. When he was 1 kilometer away he went at ease he was relieved that he had shook me off,but not for long! the whole time i had stayed behind him, directly in his blind spot! Out of nowhere a short stubby hawk opened fire! The German thought quickly and steered towards his line. I was to much into following him and taking screenies that i didn't notice him flying towards a German town at low altitude! suddenly anti aircraft guns ripped through my plane, how could i have been so stupid by letting him lure me into a trap! I pulled sharply on the stick climbing altitude in a zoom climb, i nosed over right into the swirling AA, blasting my primitive 6 machine guns into the sky, having thought i lost him and, being out of ammo i flew west to Antwerp and landed. i De spawned there, but to my amazement it read out: Kills:1 Hits:2 Minutes: 24 Points: 12.

please right your favorite dogfights down under mine!:D

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