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Tales of a Fighter Ace

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Well ladies before i actually put up my story (AAR logbookentry i wrote for the special occasion of becoming an ACE) i would like to say, every1 becoming an ace or getting an ace mission can post here, make it a kinda short story book about aces :) is my story.


October 1 1940

Last night, when i set off from the Cambrai Airfield i felt what every other French soul felt, that absolute hate for the German armed forces! A soldiers job on the ground is to kill or capture his enemy in what ever way possible, my purpose, as a Sgt in our great nation's airforce is singular, kill all who get in my way.

So, last night when i set off from that airfield, alone on my mission, i was expecting to force a couple more Germans out of the air, permenantly. I had nothing, save my dedication to my cause and love for my country that would prepare me for the vicious fighting over the city of Valenciennes.

I first patrolled over the town of Bouchain which was contested and had report some enemy aircraft flying overhead harrasing them. There i dived in from 3000 meters to diliver swift retribution to no less then two enemy aircraft. The patrol afterwards was some what less active as i searched ceaselessly for more enemies to test my skills.

Night passed, morning came and i spotted an unfriendly sharp angled wing of a Bf 109-f4 series aircraft. He had banked sharply to chase another of my squad mates and i pursued him in kind. After a quick burst from my American made, .50 machine gunes his tail was no more. I can only imagine his last thoughts as he spun never ending into the deck below. He deserved every last shell that i fired into his ride.

After such encounters my engine was in need of a rest and my ammo supplies, re-arming. I set back down at my home airfield but, feeling the adrenaline and the radio chatter from fellow pilots strengthened my resolve for one last flight before i quit the skies for the day.

It was now well into the day, around ten o'clock in the morning. Except for my re-armerment i had been flying for well over twelve hours.

Then is happened, the besieged city of Valenciennes came into view and with it the shrapnel filled, enemy air infested hell where i was to make a name for myself.

After a previous engagement on the way from which i received no kill, rather my flight partner did, i was down to 1000 rounds in my guns. I spotted my target. He took me for a couple of passes around the city, flak and enemy fire pinging off my craft and flying inches from my face. He lost speed, too much for me to stay with him, i pulled sharply back on the stick and went vertical. The Bf 109-E4 flat spinned and tumbled end over end, a friendly pilot almost robbed me of my kill but it would not be so. I dived after the flailing 109 which had now recovered and made his way south out of the city. Coming down above him i put a quick bust straight through his cockpit, killing him instantly and leaving his wounded ride trailing fuel behind it as it sored into the deck.

After climbing out and getting some altitude back, dodging fire from a rather persistant Bf 109-F4 i circled back and looked for more "oppurtunities" i spotted them. Following an RAF pilot were a ME 110-C and a Bf-109-F1. I came right up on the 109's tail, convergence of my guns set to 170 meters. Blasted a powerful burst at his plane that utterly shattered his tail, wrenching his plane out of the sky and forcing it to the ground to sleep forever more. The 110 had a bit more skill, seeing his wingman so mercilessly beaten from the sky, yanked on the stick, breaking off from his target in an attempt to evade. The move was folly, as a ME 110-C pulling up and trying to dodge a fighter is like trying to dodge a moving train while tied to the tracks. Round after round i pumped into that plane, round after round after round. His right wing shattered under the constant 50 calibre barrage, sending both the pilot and rear gunner down in a ball of metal, flames and screaming agony. The fight over Valenciennes had started to calm down, the allies pilots having picked their targets and pursued them. I was free to leave the city with the 200 or so rounds i had left in my plane.

Outside the city i got the report from a friendly pilot that i was leaking coolant. I switched back my engine to economy setting, 1/4 throttle and prepared for a rough landing back at Cambrai.

The landing went well, floorlessly infact, the plane was saved and is even now ready for active duty. I went back over my eighteen hour mission and realised that i had infact, shot down an astonoshing seven Luftwaffe pilots.

I write to you now as an acomplished fighter ace, i fight for my once proud country. The Germans might occupie most of our beloved France but he will never be able to take her from our hearts!

Sgt. CarbineX

Fighter Ace

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