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Suggestion to improve game performace on 1.31

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Hello rats.

I have one suggestion for you that maybe will increase alot the game performace, especially on big battles.

I dont know if it has been posted before, but here it is:

Remove the auto explosion from HE rounds(those range limit air explosions) making their simple disappear instead. (or at least make an option to we dont see/hear it)

Those autoexplosions are reallistic, I agree. But they kill the frame rate incredibly. One big battle near an AF or DDs, heavy ais, big planes furballs and your client will have to load: hundreds of sounds from the he autoexplosion, the animation of the explosion and the smoke made by it. Hundreds of those.

If they simple disappear like in every other game around there I think that would improve alot the FPS and people wont be missing anything.

when I had an low end computer those explosions really killed my framerate and now with my new computer I dont feel it very much, but i think it's still there.

So, what do you think about it?

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