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PC not letting me play games, plz help

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First off heres my pc spec:

core 2 duo E6600 @2.66ghz

3gb ddr2 ram

750W psu

decent mobo with onboard 7.1 sound

nvidia 9800gt 512mb (newest drivers)

win xp32 sp3

I first started getting issues when i booted up my pc, quite often the screen would do nothing and the monitor would shut down as no gpu was being registered. I thought this was a dodgey connection to my hard drive, but eventually solved it by adjusting my graphics card seating.

However, for a while I have been having issues in some of my games where the game will pause for an amount of time and then start playing again, only the graphical rendering has gone all multi coloured and weird. This was mostly happening on Simbin racing titles and I seemed to cure it by turning down the sound accleleration properties via dxdiag.

Today my card is crashing as soon as any game starts, as in it will load up, but as soon as i enter a game world it crashes/ locks up and the screen goes all weird, lots of diff dot colours etc. I am unable to alt-tab out of the game, sometimes it re-boots the pc on its own or I have to do it manually.

I am able to surf the net etc and all seems normal but I can play no games. I have used dxdiag to trouble shoot my gpu but all the rendering and direct draw tests come back perfect so,

Is this a graphics card on its way out?

Or is it my psu being crap.

or is my mobo being ****.

Any ideas as I want to avoid buying the wrong piece of hardware. Any advice most deffinatley appreciated.

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First off I am thinking Graphcis card then mobo but most likely graphics card.

Firstly I would open you machine, unplug all power and give it a good hoover - Take the card out hoover the heatsink and fans etc - clean it best you can of dust. Do the same with the rest of your machine if you can.

Probably not an overheating issue but worth doing.

Reseat card and maybe remove any other extra cards you have if you feel there may be a clash (Sound card ??). This really sounds like a card problem though.

Do you have onboard video or a crappy PCI-E card knocking about. If so try using that - If onboard change your bios to use onboard card and run game jsut see if it laods at least. Maybe try playing on min settings.

If it works the card is nearly certainly at fault.

If you have onboard or another card then boot up using them - Download the Bios for your card (Many sites on flashing bios - google it for you card).

Download the flash utility and the bios - flash your card. This can fix many many problems.

Uninstall your nvidia drivers - download install test.

If it still causes problem probably time to order a new card but if still problems then we move on unless anyone has better ideas here.

Do check settings in bios that it's using PEG for video (Often option for PEG or PCI etc) Peg is PCI express.

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