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What happened to my FPS?

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I haven't been able to play much since 1.19 release (summertime distractions) but now that I have (and have undertaken some flying) I want to know what happened to my FPS?

While flying I was getting great FPS before 1.19 (80-110 must of the time ...at worst 30 over heavy battles) but now I'm lucky to ever see 80 and I'm plunging down into the single digits (5-10) over some heavy battles which persists even after the 2nd and 3rd passes over the battle (again while flying).

I have:

Athlon 64 3500+ 939 pin

6800 Ultra 256

1 gig Corsair XMS RAM

So I don't believe it's my system.

Before 1.19 I could turn almost every eye candy feature on and still get great FPS (which I should with the above expensive hardware)

but now I've been forced back into the 'performance and visuals' compromise middle settings.

Have the RATS acknowledged a FPS issue with post 1.19?

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I hope they fix that in the next patch. And if they don't then i think they should start tryin' to fix problems with the game right now instead of adding new tanks/planes, infantry, etc... But thats just what i think.

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