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[AXIS] Blitz Kader (BK)

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BlitzKader was founded on March 1st, 2010 by a core group of players who have years of WWIIOL expertise. The rise of BlitzKader to prominence on the Axis side has been swift and forceful. On any given day, BlitzKader fields numbers that rivals or exceeds many squads in game. BlitzKader is a 100% Axis Squad that moves the map and breaks Allied hearts.

BlitzKader means "Lightning Squad". We chose the name to reflect our play style. BlitzKader uses a combined Arms approach to achieve our objective. Any player, from the regular infantryman to the bomber pilot will be a valued addition to the squad. Whether you are a first time player or a salty vet who wants to take their game to the next level, we would like you to consider making BlitzKader your next home. Please check us out at www.blitzkader.com and take your first step in finding a home on the Axis side.

BlitzKader has the following to offer any potential member:

  • VERY Active Squad (over 60 ACTIVE members)
  • 2 Squad Nights (Wed & Sat) with mass participation
  • Fully supported Website with customized squad stats module
  • Teamspeak 3 server for crystal clear comms
  • Squad Command staff that is respected in the Axis Community
  • In squad High Command experience
  • Official Game Trainers in squad
  • Members who help each other (Teamwork -We take it seriously)
  • Leadership opportunities (Volunteer to be Squad OIC for a night and relive your General Patton fantasies)
  • Fight with honor (No gaming the game)
  • No drama
  • Fun

What we require of potential members:

  • Play Axis Only.
  • Give 100% on Squad Night toward the squad objective. (This is not the night to lone-wolf. Follow the squad OIC)

If you are interested in checking us out, send a pm in-game to any member of BlitzKader you see. We will get you hooked up and having a blast in no time.


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BlitzKader gets some props from the OKW:

OKW welcomes and recognizes the new squad on the block. BLITZ KADER fielded 28 men during US PT on Wednesday and launched a successful offensive operation in the heart of US PT. Although we lost the cap in the end, this was the first real offense in US PT that I have seen and was a huge moral boost. Allies did not cap any towns US PT WED~!!

Panzer lehr is active, Ironwolves, 1775, the 34th - we got good things happening in TZ2.


Link to the post in Axis secure: http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=320669

Join now and get in on the fun!

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Once again, BK gets some praise for a job well done!

I would like to say thank you to the BlitzKader too for the attack waves against the S depot of Carignan yesterday. Was a great job ! Thanks for your support :)

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C'mon and join up!! Lot's of action will soon be coming in 1.31 campaign 62!!

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