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Proper RAM timings for GSkill F2-8500CL5D with GA-MA790X-UD4P

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Built this machine a year or so ago, and thought it odd I couldn't set my RAM to 1066 but had to downclock to 800. Apparently it is an error on the board and you can set to 1066 manually. I've just done it, spent 30 mins playing WWIIOL and it's a lot better, much smoother, etc.

So if you have a GSkill F2-8500CL5D 4Gb RAM kit running on a Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P board, read this thread,

Here's the original post from GSkill tech support

"This seems to be a common combination that people have trouble running at DDR2 1066, so I have decided to create a sticky for it.

The memory should be installed in the yellow slots, slot 1 and slot 2.

In BIOS, make sure Memory Frequency is set to [x5.33] 1066 that is of course if your CPU frequency is 200. Then set DCTs Mode to [unganged]. Next for DDR2 Timing, set to [Manual] and enter these values:

CAS# latency - 5T

RAS to CAS R/W Delay - 5T

Row Precharge Time - 5T

Minimum RAS Active Time - 15T

1T/2T Command Timing - 2T

TwTr Command Delay - 4T

Trfc0 for DIMM1 - 127ns

Trfc2 for DIMM2 - 127ns

Write Recovery Time - 8T

Precharge Time - 3T

Row Cycle Time - 24T (May need to increase up to 42T if unstable)

RAS to RAS Delay - 4T

Increase DDR2 Voltage to +0.300V

Northbridge Volt Control +0.1V (+0.3V for 8GB, 4 sticks)

CPU NB VID Control +0.025V

After these settings your computer should be running smoothly.

Thank you


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the problem with most 1066Mhz DDR2 ram is it's just overclocked 800Mhz. (notice the voltage increase to 2.1v to achieve 1066Mhz speeds)

I do not believe they sell them anymore but I myself have a set of OCZ Low voltage ram.

basicly 2x 2GB sticks of 1066Mhz ram w/ 5-5-5-18 timings @ 1.8v. my Gigabyte EP-45 UD3R set them up properly upon first install.

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