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Battle of Britain (Adlertag), 70th anniversary event!!

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Event AAR is here

Battle of Britain (Adlertag) event history.

France surrendered, the British suffered an embarrassing military defeat in Belgium, and the German military was now setting their sights on UK proper.

Hermann Göring boasts his vaunted and feared Luftwaffe can crush the RAF.

Out numbered 3 to 1, can the RAF hope to stop them?

"Never, never, never, never give up." Winston Churchill

By participating in this, you honor the memories of those who participated in the real life and death event 70 long years ago.

To those participants of the real Battle of Britain, on either side: icon_salut.gif


The first event at 1630GMT (delay due to Training Server messed up) went so well and everyone so pumped up it was decided to hold a second one at 1900GMT

Combat record Round 1:

17 He-111 split in 2 group targeted Canterbury and Whitstable.

Canterbury: Fact #1 hit by full load (44.5%)

Whitstable #7 hit by 2 full loads (89%).

Bombers shot down: About half failed to RTB.

Fighters: both sides lost about 1/3 of force, with LW losing a slightly larger %.

RAF won a Material Victory, 65.5% score (134/400).

RAF won a Morale Victory by inflicting more LW casualties then RAF.

Combat record Round 2:

(this was spur of moment decision to do second, but this time could not get the LW participation as before, so escorts where ALL 190E-4 except for lone 110)

12 He-111 split in 2 group targeted Canterbury and Whitstable.

Canterbury: no bombers reached target (only 4 (or 5?) 111's of 12 targeted Cant)

Whitstable #9 was completely destroyed (100% + destroy bonus of 40%)

Bombers shot down: Group 1 all down, group 2 lost 2 of 8 (6 total I believe, not certain).

Fighters: LW, having less escorts then first round, suffered more losses even though Spitfires where fashionably late to action. Hurricanes proved their muscle despite engaging co-alt against large force.

RAF won a Minor Material Victory, 54% score (140/300 (only 3 factories targeted this time).

RAF won a Major Morale Victory by inflicting significant LW casualties versus RAF.

Excellent play everyone! Thank you for participating!


(Below as published before start of event)


Just like in the real battle, the defenders WILL be outnumbered, victory will be in minimizing the damage to the UK factories.

TWO VICTORY CONDITIONS: Because the RAF are outnumbered, how well the RAF does in shooting down the LW counts toward MORALE victory, as well as usual material victory.

More Hurricanes are added to represent the Bolton-Paul Defiant and other RAF fighters, but the LW will be close to historical mix.

To allow for players from around the world to participate, it will start EARLY in the US. 2 hours earlier then typical of previous Events.

*The total numbers will expand if the sign up is strong.*

*LAST SECOND joiners are welcome, but likely you will not get the best aircraft.*

TIME: (CORRECTION!! Sorry, I made error with time zones earlier, if I have to will move forward 1 hour)

August 21st

UTC ZULU (GMT) Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 15:00:00

Dallas (U.S.A.-Texas) Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 10:00:00 AM UTC-5 hours CDT

Sydney (Australia-New South Wales) Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 1:00:00 AM UTC+10 hours EST



LW goal to bomb UK factories to ruble

RAF goal to stop them

(simple enough)

With enough participation, will add DD targets for Stuka hordes.


(note, each wing will be 4 aircraft, currently)

RAF contingent (about 3/4 Hurri & Defiant to 1/4 Spit):

27 Hurricanes Mk I

9 Spitfires Mk Ia

? Blen I's open

LW contingent

18 He-111 (may be more)

8 109E-1

16 109E-4 (about historical)

8 110C (about 1/4 the 109 compliment)

Addition if we have numbers:

RNavy has 3 DD's as other then factory ground targets (represent Radar, fuel tanks, munition dumps, other targets etc)

6 wings of Ju87 to target them.


There is NO re-spawning. If you KIA or MIA, you are out.

No re-spawning on RES, HOWEVER will not count against you for victory points (Calais is pretty close for LW)


LW take off from Cambrai and Vliss (NOTE: moved to Antwerp and Maubage for round 2), but all continental AF are Axis, and can be used to RTB, including Calais.

RAF can use any field in UK to lift (may change).

RAF *cannot* cross the French or Belgium coast. Instant smite if they do so.

Sorry, no French planes.

French pilots in RAF is OK : D


% of targeted Factory's damaged for LW victory, maximum of 4 111's per factory. (example: 5 factory's targeted = 500 max points After bombing is 389 total damage points = 77.8% victory. 40% bonus for completely destroyed factory (based on 3x He-111 doing max possible 134%)

**There is a 15 point handicap against LW for MORAL point scoring**

# of LW bombers shot down for RAF / total number = % Victory.

(Tie can occur if 100% of factories destroyed, but all (100%) 111's shot down before RTB)

Adjusting points in number of fighters shot down for each side.

If added, additional points in DD action


The advantage is clearly to the LW, however the goal of the RAF is NOT to shoot down the bombers but make them miss!

Ideally do both, but making them miss first means you then have more time to finish them off later.

RAF have the home field advantage, meaning alt and position, while the LW are forced to stay close to bombers.

The LW have time advantage, meaning the drop point for bombers is very close to coast. RAF have to hit bombers fast or its too late.

More to come....

(edit by me for the picture -Greni)


NEED CAMERAMEN, please step up. :)






(Just and FYI, there are TWO (2) victory conditions, material and now MORALE, as in spiritual. Shooting down a lot of Axis aircraft is a great morale victory)

****LIST is participants for FIRST round****

“a” letters are flight leaders.

RAF (36+ fighters)

Hurricane Mk I


1. a. Rambi

1. b. ewildcat

1. c. robino

2. a. Oyaji (??)

2. b. litvyak

2. c. apauc

3. a. Realm

3. b. hammered

3. c. alcolix

4. a. khbigjoe

4. b. cooper


5. a. FlipFlap

5. b. tigger6

5. c.


6. a.

6. b.

6. c.

7. a.

7. b.

7. c.

8. a.

8. b.

8. c.

9. a.

9. b.

9. c.

Spitfire Mk Ia >>>Eastchurch

1. a. MJDixon1

1. b. Speedy77

1. c. Bonifatus

2. a. Allibone

2. b. xhammeredx

2. c. drillin

3. a. defiant3

3. b. swoop67

3. c. ghostrider

Blen Mk I >>> Folkstone

1. a. Plank (??!!)

1. b. doninja

1. c. toiletduck

2. a.

2. b.

2. c.

More ????


Naval Destroyer (3)


Luftwaffe (32 fighters)


1. a. inteuniso

1. b. banzai3

1. c. abe09ss

1. d. dog1966

>>> Cambrai

2. a. Snpshot

2. b. DoeDoe

2. c. Nrwo

2. d.

Bf-109E-4 (and as almost identical 109E-3)

>>> Vliss

1. a. Ace

1. b. ramse888

1. c.

1. d. thief

2. a. isaristh

2. b. teetwo

2. c. s4murai

2. d. kroni

>>> Cambrai

3. a. Snoopy

3. b. jjb52

3. c. nup

3. d. optik

4. a. Giggadee!!!!!1!

4. b. panah

4. c. nwo

4. d.



1. a. Ostwind

1. b. Gladio

1. c. itafolgore

1. d.


2. a. Cupid420

2. b. Kilo69

2. c. diablo85

2. d.

He-111 (16)

>>>Vlissingen group

1. a. Frantish

1. b. Gigerman

1. c. KJ

1. d. ulfburg

1. e. evile

1. f. ratfinc

1. g. leanderj

1. h. Collosus

1. i. Dennisb

1. j. hastati (?)

>>>Cambrai group

2. a. Reddog

2. b. Main4ce

2. c. Sniper62

2. d. Kizmet

2. e. Tzulsha

2. f. Pegasus

2. g. Misc

2. h. kilo69


Ju-87 (6) (canceled)

Patrol zones

(Cross the line and your Squad CO will have you sacked!)

There will be 2 alert squadrons of Hurris and Spits.

Hurri's will have position advantage, still want to fly a Spit??

NEED more Hurri pilots! (less then 1/2 position filled)


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Sign me in too as .... i have a job behind this lines , thx :D.


i have edit your post for a small picture :D

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24 Spits/Hurricanes vs 63 He111/109s/110s.

blimey, we really are 'the few':D

when do we need to start signing up and assigning the roles?

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This will have to be at least 3 hrs earlier for oz and nz .

1800 GMT is 200 in Perth 430 hrs in Sydney.

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24 Spits/Hurricanes vs 63 He111/109s/110s.

blimey, we really are 'the few':D

when do we need to start signing up and assigning the roles?

Yes, I will up the # of defenders.

@Greni: small thanks ;)

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I got my numbers slightly wrong there, its 24 vs 51 -

to be honest that sounds about right, when you consider historically it was 4:1 Luftwaffe advantage, (not taking into account radar or fuel levels)

but for a 'fun' event, maybe a 2:1 ratio would be more appropriate:D

I've got at least 4 Spits pilots, maybe 6 or 8 in total, who are very keen on this.

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When the event starts on the 28.08.10 please sign me in for a 110c. thx:D

On 21 Day i´m in Holiday.

Edited by weisse13

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put all NAVY and HEER (for both sides) flags into training

only LW/RAF/FAF flags placed on map... all towns in england = allied

all towns in france and co. are axis

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If its 21st i'm available

If its 28th i'm away on holidays

I'll play any fighter role available to help numbers (yes that includes blen and 110)

From lessons learnt on my last realism event - i strongly suggest 5 mins before the start that the leaders of each side get on TS to make sure that we have enough numbers on each side to make it fun - otherwise you end up with a cake walk for one side

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Can the 110/He111 Multicrew? :confused:

Yes both can MC.

I think it would be better to assign TGs to the 110s unless the TG knows how to bomb (and this means he/she is sufficient in using the bombsight/all dials and knobs that are needed/do the alt calculations/has all keys mapped).

All this can be taught on the way but it's no guarantee for a 8 ITB. So far I only had one greentag whom I taught how to bomb on the way to the factories and he put 8ITB. The rest always missed the factories despite correct lineup.

Edited by rote7

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Hope I can be in, but football practice might interfere.

EDIT: I will be able to be in for about an hour. Is that fine?

Edited by inteuniso

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