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As I drove my opel towards BOZ to set up another MS I read the words; Pulling BOZ AO. Aw shoot, I thought to myself, I wonder why they are pulling the AO? But we had only just begun to see some success and had to modify the attack for success so maybe something else took precedent. Satisfied with that I despawned the opel. Then it was announced; "all axis to Verdun". Verdun is a priority and one of the other towns nearby also. "Oh my", I said out loud, "It must be important".

Then words appeared that caught my attention. " A Facility In Roosenthal has fallen to the enemy". "Oh No!", I thought out loud, "This is really bad. If Roos falls then the North will be in serious trouble." So I sent out a message to the High Command. "Wait", I said, "the allies are attacking Roos that is a major town in the north we should defend it". Some of the KM high Command, including a 4 star, also joined in with agreement.

“We can’t Verdun is to important we must have it.” The Heer High Command responded.

The hours passed by, and I began to get very sad because the allies soft capped Roos, then 2 more towns in the Zees. And then 2 more towns in the north as well. "Oh my gosh" I said to my dog Sarge, "the whole north is going to be lost and the Heer commanders keep pushing the attacks on those 2 towns in the south but they are not getting anywhere." Good ole Sarge nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, to my dismay, the HC announced that they were pulling Verdun and everyone should concentrate on Dun.

"DUN?", I yelled out loud, "You cant mean that lightly defended town that no body really needs?"

Then, in their most George W. Bush like manner, the HC proclaimed that they had accomplished what they wanted. They captured an air field and bounced the allied air. So, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Job Well Done! Hurray!

"AAARRRGGG", I yelled, "ARROOOO" Sarge howled.

Sarge and I sat in stunned silence as we watched tons of axis tanks launch an attack on the, apparently, deadly town of Dun. While the Allies capped 2 more towns in the north, including another major port, for a total of 7 towns lost.

I began to think to myself, "maybe I should point out to them that they lost 7 towns in the north, two of them very important to the campaign in the North, and they gave up on the 2 battles in the south that they said was so important.

"Oh no", I thought to myself, "I can't do that. When I voiced my dissent before I was told," “ If you don’t like the way HC is running things why don’t you join the HC and do things different.” Which has become a very common answer these days. So I thought to myself, "maybe their right. Maybe I should join the KM HC." Then I remembered, that there were KM HC on when all this took place and they voiced their opinions and were ignored. Then they voiced their concerns and were ignored and then they voiced their objections and were ignored some more. So that won't work. "If I join the HC i would only object, argue, and get ignored for my trouble." "Oh no", I said, "That won't due. That won't due at all".

Then I realized that we don’t need more High Command. What we need to do is get rid of commanders who can’t or won’t understand that the North is important. Just as important as the south if not more so and that the north may not be key to winning but it is key to not losing.

My head dropped as I realized that wouldn't happen and I made a terrible prediction. "I hope I'm wrong", I said to Sarge, "I hope it don't come true." Sarge laid down apparently understanding what I had predicted. An awful prediction that the axis was going to lose the north again. Then lose the south again. Then lose the campaign again.

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