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TIB-The Iron Brotherhood ***Voted SEXIEST WWIIOL SQUAD!!***

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You know you love us.

In WWIIOL there are all kinds of squads. Big squads, little squads, dedicated squads, obsessed squads, certifiably obsessed squads, undeniably insanely obsessed squads, weirdo squads, the sort of squads your mother warned you about, the Iron Wolves etc etc. You get the point.

But there is NO squad like TIB. I could sit here and tell you about how were are an elite vicious fighting force, about how we kill Allies by the thousands and tens of thousands. I could tell you that our pilots are better than all the rest, that our tankers can cap tables and how our infantry slaughter entire tank columns with only four satchels.

But the truth is, we're not that good. We tend to die a lot. Some of us are so bad, it's almost a crime that they actually pay to play this game. But in all my years of playing this game, I have never had more fun yelling at my computer than I have had playing with this group of people. (This is where the tear jerker seciton starts. And I'm not even drunk.)

If your goal is to make the Top 100's list and print out a daily Excel sheet of your kills, stats and ratios then this is not the squad for you. As a matter of fact, you should probably take some time off and re-evaluate what's important to you. If you'd like we can refer you to several extremely talented psychoanalysts who can bring you back from the edge. But if you like slinging sh--errr mud at people, brazen sarcasm, and a never ending stream of witty jokes and bull then by all means look us up. Stop by our website (which has never won any awards) at Post on our public forums and see what we have to say. Or look us up in game in the 17th Infanterie Division.


Minister of Propaganda (very impressive title)

TIB-The Iron Brotherhood

Commanding Officer: Spodt

Executive Officer: Stretch

Minister of Propaganda: Gustaf

GHC Officers: Gigi98k, Sirbenny

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