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Unofficial Intermission Event

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As an alternative to the mini-campaign events, for as long as I can be bothered, I will be running an old fashioned intermission with a twist on the training server.


Roermond-Roermond West will be inf only, sneak, skulk and knife people as you will. No annoying tanks and planes to make things loud or run you over!

Day 2 will see the same, mainly because that is paradise anyway.


As it pertains to flyboys:

Vliss-Knokke is open for business and this time without pesty boats! (At first anyway)

Day 2 will see Beauvis-Clermont open as well when the boats move into Vliss and Oostende for those who don't like the pesky boats.


Dover-Deal is set up for DD and Fairmile action, no more super long rides, just turn the corner and begin blasting away!

Day 2 will see naval brigades posted in Oost and Vliss so you can practice shooting down silly planes.


Stadtkyll-Hallschlag will be open to tank battles with minimal cover! Or you can be sneaky and take one of the out of the ways forests and flank your adversaries.

Day 2 will see Remagen-Unkel opened to hill fighting and close ranged tank battles.

Combined Arms

Combined arms surprise for day three!

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