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Domination Through Teamwork. JG52 is Recruiting.

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(Firstly, dear mod, please be a darling and leave the thread here, no one worth recruiting reads the recruitment forums!)

JG52 are looking for bait to help bolster the core members stats!

Our ranks are looking a little thin and we'd like to take on a few pilots that have the same approach to the game as we do.

...the motto "Domination Through Teamwork" sets the tone. We fly together, we fight together, and we RTB together. We fly in a coordinated manner using tactics and teamwork. Flights are broken up into small groups and support each other. No jumbling 30+ people into one teamspeak channel and arriving to a target like a pack of crazy bees. A few coordinated wingmen are worth more than 20-30 disorganzied pilots all fighting for themselves.

One of the problems with the bigger squads is that there's no recruitment process. A pilot just joins by expressing interest. This type of anything goes recruitment may be good for numbers, but it's a nightmare for coordination. JG52 strives to make sure that each new pilot added will be a good fit. We don't care if you have "l33t" skills. If you can't fly as a team we don't want you.

We currently use Teamspeak 3 and cover all time-zones. If you want to fly with a bunch of guys (and Fabao) who fly with the sole purpose of getting their wingman home and killing as many allied air frames as possible, please stop by at our website and post a thread in the recruitment forum.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

Recruitment threads belong in the recruitment forum

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