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A Great Sunday in WWIIonline

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S! all,

I just wanted to give a big shout out on such a great day in WWIIonline. It seemed like today there was plenty of fighting for everyone from the Belgian Sector up in Tienen to down to the North Eastern France Sector in Longuyon and Sedan. Both sides had plenty of players online today, fighting on both the offensive and defensive.

During my “playtime” in Tienen, the Allies pressed into town with everything they had. The Axis fought back extremely stoically until the wise decision to pull the brigades was made to save the remaining Axis riflemen.

In Sedan the Axis gained the initial advantage and pushed ferociously into town with several close FRUS almost touching North Eastern edge of town. Though we bounced the naval units out several times and captured our beloved spawnable, the Allied land units held out against the onslaught.

In Longuyon OICs Enigma, Wittman and RAT GRENI did a well executed hasty attack for the town. Once again the initial advantage favored the Axis but after several frus were taken out by the Allies, we were forced to withdraw. And so ended my playtime for the day!

Overall, I just wanted to say I had fantastic time playing today. Each attack and defense had roughly 80-100 players working together to achieve victory. Both the AHC and OKW did a great job today organizing players for attack and defensive operations and I hope that all the players had a great time playing today!

- Hartwell

Remember we are not Axis or Allied players…. we are WWIIonline players!

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