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System Review...Need your opinions please.

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MSI H55M-E33 new Intel H55 Board.

4GB (2x2GB)/DDR3/1333MHz/Memory (max up to 16GB)

Hard Disk is Optional.

Nvidia/430GT/1GB/GDDR3/PCIe Video Card.

Optical Drive is optional.

7.1CH-Audio + Giga LAN Onboard.

ANTEC VSK-2000 ATX Gaming Chassis

Ultra LS-500W Power Supply with life time factory warranty.

8cm rear fan included.

Speakers/Windows/OS/Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor are optional

Intel i5(760/1156/2.80GHZ) CPU = $ 529+Taxes Canadian

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I would for sure not go for that CPU and Motherboard - go for a Sandy Bridge CPU instead if you want to use the rig for gaming.

I have a i3-2100 (only two cores so not very good if you use the PC for a lot of multi threaded apllications) but it beats the old i5 and i7 in gaming benchmarks.

I would recommend a P67 chipset and a i5-2500K CPU - if you are on a budget (like me) you can go for the P67 chipset and buy an i3-2100 and then later upgrade to the i5-2500K CPU.

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go for a the 1155 socketed p67 or z68 m/b's...the 1156 cpus are old tech now.

your video card looks to be weak sauce...

I'm always also suspect of power supplies with names I've never heard of...if it's not a top tier power supply your taking chances(it might not meet the rated power) and cutting down your upgrade possibilities down the road when you might want a more powerfull video card.

mainly it's the really, really, weak video card in that system that will hold you back for gaming.

take a PASS on it...your going to be dissapoint

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