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      Attention Soldiers Operation Fury Needs you!   02/20/2020

      Attention All Soldiers, Operation Fury needs you.  You need to choose a side and sign up.  
      For more intel on Operation Fury Please click HERE Please go to Special Event Forum (here), And sign up for allied or axis.
      This will be a CRS Lead event on both sides.  Xoom will be heading up the axis side and Heavy265 will be heading up the Allied side. This will be for bragging rights.
      Why are we asking players to sign up you ask. We are trying for a role play experience.   We want this to be a true realistic event.  
      So get up and sign up and let's make this the best event ever!!!!!!!!!!
      Give me your war cry, grrrrrrrrrrrrr
      Heavy265 **out**
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Battle of Britain: Adlertag, 2ed Annual Realism event (71st Real)!!!

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TEAMSPEAK will use standard Allied and Axis servers. (someone know where TS3 info is?)

IP for both:

Axis port :8768 PW: 17x12

Allied port:8767 PW: huv36

ROSTER FINAL, but WILL do some in game tweaks

LATE COMERS can choose He-111, Bf110, 109E-1, Blen (CAP), or Hurri (Alert).

Also, who else can film??

STATUS: Need a few more He-111's. Some Blen I's would be nice (they will be in air long before bombers come).

Am looking at balancing the numbers (total vs total), the balancing may give you a better unit.

MORE CAMERAMEN wanted! step up, please! (you can play, just record the events).

Battle of Britain (Adlertag) event history.

France surrendered, the British suffered an embarrassing military defeat in Belgium (narrowly avoiding complete disaster), and the German military was now setting their sights on UK proper.

Hermann Göring boasts his vaunted and feared Luftwaffe can crush the RAF.

Out numbered 3 to 1, can the RAF hope to stop them?

"Never, never, never, never give up." Winston Churchill

By participating in this, you honor the memories of those who participated in the real life and death event 71 long years ago.

To those participants of the real Battle of Britain, on either side: icon_salut.gif

Can YOU change the course of history?


(Last years event)


Just like in the real battle, the defenders WILL be outnumbered, victory will be in minimizing the damage to the UK factories.

TWO VICTORY CONDITIONS: Because the RAF are outnumbered, how well the RAF does in shooting down the LW counts toward MORALE victory, as well as usual material victory.

More Hurricanes are added to represent the Bolton-Paul Defiant and other RAF fighters, but the LW will be close to historical mix.

*The total numbers will expand if the sign up is strong.*

*LAST SECOND joiners are welcome, but will only get low end aircraft*


Saturday, August 13th, 2011 (Sunday 14th for Pacific time)

UTC ZULU. (GMT). 17:00:00 (5 pm)

Dallas (U.S.A.-TX) 12:00:00 (12 pm) UTC-5 hours CDT

Sydney (Australia) 03:00:00 (3 am) UTC+10 hours EST



LW goal to bomb UK factories to ruble

RAF goal to stop them

(simple enough)

(Side mission of Stuka attacking ground or sea target possible.)


RAF contingent (about 3/4 Hurri & Defiant to 1/4 Spit):

27 Hurricanes Mk I

9 Spitfires Mk Ia

? Blen I's (no limit)

LW contingent

18 He-111 (may be more)

8 109E-1

16 109E-4 (historical contribution)

8 110C (about 1/4 the 109 compliment)

Addition if strong participation:

2 to 6 Stukas

2 or more DD's or land targets as other ground targets (represent Radar, fuel tanks, munition dumps, other targets etc)


There is NO re-spawning. If you KIA, MIA,or RES you have lost the aircraft.

If you succeed to land at friendly AF you can respawn and go up again.

RES will not count against you for victory points (Calais is close for LW to RTB)

RTB respawn: Y-E-S!

All continental AF are Axis, and can be used to RTB (Calais is closest LW AF to UK).

LW take off from Maubeuge on a single mission, but will split into 2 equal size group and approach UK from different directions. The bombers will perform some maneuvers to keep the formation and ensure entering the target area same time.

RAF will spawn at Folkstone (Hurri and Blen) and Eastchurch (Spit only).

RAF *cannot* cross the French or Belgium coast. Instant smite if they do so.

Sorry, no French planes.

French pilots in RAF is OK : D


% of targeted Factory's damaged for LW victory, maximum of 4 111's per factory. (example: 5 factory's targeted = 500 max points After bombing is 389 total damage points = 77.8% victory. 40% bonus for completely destroyed factory (based on 3x He-111 doing max possible 134%)

**There is a 15 point handicap against LW for MORAL point scoring**

# of LW bombers shot down for RAF / total number = % Victory.

(Tie can occur if 100% of factories destroyed, but all (100%) 111's shot down before RTB)

Adjusting points in number of fighters shot down for each side.

If added, additional points in DD action


The advantage is clearly to the LW, however the goal of the RAF is NOT to shoot down the bombers but make them miss!

Ideally do both, but making them miss first means you then have more time to finish them off later.

LW fighters main goal is to chase away the RAF, NOT shoot down fighters (thus the limited points for shooting down fighters)

RAF have the home field advantage, meaning alt and position, while the LW are forced to stay close to bombers.

The LW have time advantage, meaning the drop point for bombers is very close to coast. RAF have to hit bombers fast or its too late.

Patrol zones

(Cross the line and your Squad CO will have you sacked!)

There will be ALERT squadrons of Hurris and Spits on field who have to wait until ordered to scramble, it will be close, the calvary coming over the hill.

Hurri's and Blen's will have position advantage, still want to fly a Spit??

Here is the RAF orders map.


Luftwaffe is to follow this general path.

Target might NOT be Canterbury, and arrive at different times.


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See top for updates

NEED CAMERAMEN, please step up. :)


1. Playclaw



Participants who will film

1. MJDixon

2. Ghost


(Just and FYI, there are TWO (2) victory conditions, material and MORALE, as in spiritual. Shooting down a lot of Axis aircraft is a great morale victory)

If you want to be a flight leader please say so.

RAF/UK forces

(36+ fighters)

Hurricane Mk I

>>> CAP (Folkstone)

1. a. Rebel357

1. b. Schloss1

1. c. Blaze194

2. a. Gladio (s)

2. b. Hot74rod (s)

2. c. Aertemis (n)

3. a. dropshort (n)

3. b. Cavalier

3. c. Cokesgreat (n)

4. a. ilikeike6 (n)

4. b. onewtono (n)

4. c. marinesgt (n)

5. a. Wildcat5

5. b. Crazyace

5. c. Kyotee

Hurricane Mk1 ON GROUND

>>>ALERT Squadron (Folkstone, possibly Ramsgate)

6. a. Aces1212

6. b. skyfenblue

6. c. Breakloose

7. a. Welky

7. b. gregjohn

7. c. darius

8. a. Valinsky

8. b. Fearny

8. c. tapestry

9. a. ecke*

9. b. Hed

9. c. Kilo14

10. a. jackybunne

10. b.

10. c.

Spitfire Mk Ia >>>ALERT Squadron >>> Eastchurch (CLOSED UNTIL SOME HURRIES FILLED)

1. a. MJDixon

1. b. Speedy77

1. c. Dezey

2. a. Skip19

2. b. Hinkel1

2. c. Microlws

3. a. Hiiamben

3. b. Rambi

3. c. Mook42

3. d. obear71

Blen Mk I >>> Folkstone Only, HIGH CAP

1. a Smythes / MrsSmyths (husband/wife team??!?!one)

1. b.

1. c.

2. a.

2. b.

2. c.

More ????


Naval Destroyer


(32 fighters)


1. a. Johann72

1. b. Zeppoli (n)

1. c. Nimrah

1. d. Sarchet

2. a. Optic

2. b. Ogg

2. c. Fredrick1

2. d.

3. a. Junnyboy

3. b. Zippy3

3. c. exgavalonj

3. d. Gursah *

Bf-109E-4 (and as almost identical 109E-3) E4 is CLOSED until we get some E1 in!!

1. a. Ghost

1. b. Hammered

1. c. Kenchis

1. d. Molders

2. a. Petie

2. b. Itafolgore

2. c. Redwing

2. d. Dasc1ple

3. a. Eatthisvr6

3. b. S4murai *

3. c. ct123

3. d. jgray *

4. a. Shadowxz*

4. b. Sbuzzard*

4. c. Shmonkey

4. d. M05h3r

5. a. md

5. b. Weisse13*

Bf-110C (**Brogan123, Narg, Selow, killbuck request to be TG's)

1. a. bodies

1. b. vrooom (n)

1. c. Irongrid

1. d. Sport20

2. a. Jimato

2. b. unkas250

2. c. granit

2. d. DarthV / bigdgs3233

He-111 (16)

>>>Group 1

1. a. Reddog

1. b. Wingit

1. c. Snoopy

1. d. Sniper62

1. e. Apuac

1. f. Tony803

1. g. nim133

1. h.

1. i.

1. j.

>>> Group 2

2. a. Frantish

2. b. Pender

2. c. Acegacek

2. e. Dougywu

2. f. David06

2. g. D099

2. h.

2. i.

2. j.


Ju-87 Stuka 2 to 6

Edited by frantish

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Sign me up for a Spitfire please.

Also, can you please put Mjdixon down for a spitfire. He is currently watching planes tootle about the sky at the Duxford airshow, all on 19 squadron expense I might add, so he can't sign up himself atm.

Edited by speedy77

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Can I have a Spit please in Speedy and Mjs flight if poss. I wanted to fly a huri but noooo .......

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I can try to make it.

Just on the chance that I can not though I don't want to sign up officially, but you might have yourself another 111 in the air.

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