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Building new rig advice.

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I had an old 2x 1tb raid setup. Bought a vertex 3 max iops SSD with it and using the raid as storage. The SSD is only for programs. Running @ 515mb/s eats all your guys HD`s with 5x times faster. So don`t come and tell it is expensive because why do you buy a new CPU? Yes because your pc is getting slower. Well try to buy a SSD and you will findout and you are amazed.

when SSD's are the same price or less then HD's then I'll try one...

in actuality SSD's should end up being cheaper then HD's since they lack the mechanical parts and its all on silicon.

I've yet to see any benchmarks of this game using an SSD or a HD to see WHERE or even IF there is any improvements whatsoever in the game....I doubt there would be any significant improvement but PLEASE DO PROVIDE BENCHMARKING PROOF if otherwise and not theorectical guesswork.

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