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During a tour in Afghanistan, i worked with a radio operator who had an IDGAS attitude from day 1, didn't check batteries, didn't clean his rifle, etc and i was constantly on him. I Should have been harder on him-we ended up after a really hairy AT&T mission with about 20 villiagers chasing us with knives, only to discover than dumbaxx didn't bring the extra batteries. We did E&E for 18 days, finally being picked up by a lawndart (UH60 for those not in the service) after popping smoke. Spotter immediately lost 2 teeth, but we got back safe.

Less than 2 weeks later, in FB, had a "Village Elder" try to walk in the front with an IED strapped to him under his jellaba-(Like WTF moment again?)

He came in with nothing obvious so the gate guards let him in, as usual to visit with the Bn Cdr-but his look of utter hate caught attention-when he turned, the wind caught his shirt, and i saw the shapes under his shirt as he walked toward a platoon about to go on patrol-he knew he'd been seen and couldn't get to the command tent, so he was going to kill as many of us as he could. I shot him with my M9, and when we searched him, found 4 lbs of plastic imbedded with nails, glass and metal bits-the battery was wired down his shirt sleeve. (almost sh-t when he shuddered, thinking he was trying to squeeze his hand, so one of the guys stepped on it and took the battery out fast). Those places aren't fit for normal human beings, folks-it's worse than the worst ghetto or barrio i've ever seen working the streets as PD before or after military service. If you go, be aware, be Armed and stay away from lonely places-they'd like nothing more than to cut your head off and brag about it-constantly trying to kidnap people to behead them for videos (no i'm Not joking). Enjoy the game, but think about real life before you do something like go into the service unknowingly. 22 Talib and Al Q's can tell you-we don't play nice there. They were mine instead of the other way around.;)

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