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An Idea....

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I know there are some folks unhappy about the USA and new weapons being just a tease from the BHB event. So I suggest there be several special events run bi-weekly to keep those folks happy and try to reign in others.

Counterattack Normandy!

- Platoon sized infantry and light mechanized combat scenario

- Select a small town with plenty of surrounding cover.

- two full sized platoons for each side would be ideal but a twist could be thrown in as defenders numbers could be made less in exchange for position and several RPATs.

Axis forces -

2 Sdkfz. 251 half tracks ( one for each gruppe lets say 12 soldiers per APC)

Realistically portrayed squad weapons loadout simulating panzer grenadiers ( g43's included)

Must attack the town in force and clear and hold a specific target

USA forces -

1 RPAT soldier for each halftrack enemy team is sporting.

Realistic USA rifle platoon weapons loadout ( minus the .30 cal mg I knowww) several thompsons a couple snipers a few BAR men and a heck of alot of Garand or springfield riflemen.

repulse the Panzergrenadier attack and hold the main objective for x time ( until cavalry arrives)

Any ideaS? I imagine the amount of interested people would see this grow to company sized event on both sides.. but lets see if anyone bites.

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