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Does WW2ol have MAc support??

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I have submitted a ticket, but no response. I have been with ww2ol since it began, in fact I was on the beta team. I am very disappointed tech support nor our Mac people are unable or unwilling to try to help.

Ticket Summary

Ticket Subject:

"connecting to server"

Ticket Info

Ticket ID: 00000046431

Ticket Status: Awaiting Support Feedback

Created On: Dec 09 2011 09:02AM

Last Modified: Dec 14 2011 06:41PM

Assigned To: CS6

Customer Info

Member Name: damnedatc

Customer Name:

Email Address:

Application Info

Application: Battleground Europe: WWII Online

Faq Path: 2 , 66 , 191

Ticket Description:

Every since I downloaded and installed the latest MCA update I have not been able to connect to server.

When I select "play online" a window appears "PATCH DOWNLOAD" connecting to server

Nothing ever happens after that. Note I am not having network issues that I am aware of.

Recent Notes Add a Note

Damnedatc added: Dec 14 2011 06:41PM

I am still unable to play

Damnedatc added: Dec 09 2011 04:43PM

I have an IMAC 2.8 I7

8 gb 1067 ddr3

10.7.2 osx lion

I can also run this offline but when trying online or training server, i just get the "connecting to server" with a patch download window. After a few minutes this window disappears.

CS6 added: Dec 09 2011 11:29AM


I'm sorry for the problem.

Does the game run offline?

What kind of Mac are you running it on?

Playnet Support

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Wow, one of the old guard peeks in to say hi :)

Mac support is still supposed to happen, but the specialist (ahwulf) is no longer with CRS. They still make a version for us, but the bugs may not get squashed as quickly.

Sorry I can't help you more effectively. I can only say I can connect just fine. The usual advice that I'll just repeat is to try downloading the full installer and using that.

Good luck

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Well in anticipation of such lack of support I went and installed bootcamp on my iMac and windows version 7 64 bit.

Now I have the option of running in windows mode or in mac mode.

While CRS is not announcing it...I wouldn't be surprised if they let the mac go at some point.

Not that I want that but....

BTW the bootcamp windows gig works just fine. Amazingly the setup up went without a hitch.

And...there's other games I now can mess around with.

Not that I have that much time for it though.


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You might wanna try deleting the game, reinstall from a full 1.34 earlier version like .2 or .3 and then manually patch it to .4

Just an idea, might not work either but the patch downloader always gets stuck once it has downloaded the patch and never automatically installs it.

Installers and patches can be found here:

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Did you install this:

Latest Mac full installer. What is "MCA update"?

It's pretty tough for me to diagnose connection issues like this from afar. When their one-offs they are usually something out of my control but I'll do what I can.

Start by installing that patch. Or wait a day until the 1.34.6 patch is ready for the Mac as it will also be a full install only.

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What ever you do; please don't break the mac client. I have had 1 CTD and 2 CellHosts over the last month or so.

Of course the CHAT HOST crashes are annoying; but other than that my system has been very stable. Don't mess it up!

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Did you install this:

This link is down :( but here are some other stats for you

Here are the results of trace route

Traceroute has started…

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets

1 ( 0.557 ms 0.259 ms 0.238 ms

2 ( 23.521 ms 23.588 ms 24.210 ms

3 ( 23.662 ms 24.713 ms 24.684 ms

4 ( 49.510 ms 117.671 ms 49.209 ms

5 ( 204.872 ms 207.653 ms 208.009 ms

6 ( 48.618 ms 49.397 ms 50.103 ms

7 ( 49.991 ms 49.606 ms 49.869 ms

8 ( 49.984 ms 48.340 ms 48.750 ms

9 * * *

10 * * *

11 * * *

12 * * *

13 * * *

14 * * *

15 * * *

16 * * *

17 * * *

18 * * *

19 * * *

20 * * *

21 * * *

22 * * *

23 * * *

24 * * *

My mac info:

Model Name: iMac

Model Identifier: iMac11,1

Processor Name: Intel Core i7

Processor Speed: 2.8 GHz

Number of Processors: 1

Total Number of Cores: 4

L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

L3 Cache: 8 MB

Memory: 8 GB

Processor Interconnect Speed: 4.8 GT/s

Boot ROM Version: IM111.0034.B02

SMC Version (system): 1.54f36

Serial Number (system): W80023405RU

Hardware UUID: 4459C82E-5A6F-5668-8064-9510F8D71BBA


Type: Ethernet

Hardware: Ethernet

BSD Device Name: en0

IPv4 Addresses:



Configuration Method: INFORM

Interface Name: en0

Network Signature: IPv4.Router=;IPv4.RouterHardwareAddress=00:26:88:cb:ab:70


Subnet Masks:


Addresses: fd00::223:dfff:fefe:4f9a, fd00::ccef:7fea:c01c:eb77

Configuration Method: Automatic

Interface Name: en0

Prefix Length: 64, 64


Domain Name: Home

Server Addresses:,

DHCP Server Responses:

Domain Name: Home

Domain Name Servers:,

DHCP Message Type: 0x05


Server Identifier:

Subnet Mask:


MAC Address: 00:23:df:fe:4f:9a

Media Options: Full Duplex, Flow Control

Media Subtype: 1000baseT


Exceptions List: *.local, 169.254/16

FTP Passive Mode: Yes

Service Order: 2

Firewall Settings:

Mode: Limit incoming connections to specific services and applications


File Sharing (AFP): Allow all connections

Printer Sharing: Allow all connections

Screen Sharing: Allow all connections

Web Sharing: Allow all connections

Applications: Allow all connections Allow all connections Allow all connections

Firewall Logging: Yes

Stealth Mode: No

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Voila. Just found the new update and successfully did the full install. I have connected online. Thanks Rats!! Happy Holidays!


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new download eh/ well it didn't work for me. I'll give it one more try for old times sake if nothing else.... great Christmas Holidays aren't alookin' too great atm.

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