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      Attention Soldiers Operation Fury Needs you!   02/20/2020

      Attention All Soldiers, Operation Fury needs you.  You need to choose a side and sign up.  
      For more intel on Operation Fury Please click HERE Please go to Special Event Forum (here), And sign up for allied or axis.
      This will be a CRS Lead event on both sides.  Xoom will be heading up the axis side and Heavy265 will be heading up the Allied side. This will be for bragging rights.
      Why are we asking players to sign up you ask. We are trying for a role play experience.   We want this to be a true realistic event.  
      So get up and sign up and let's make this the best event ever!!!!!!!!!!
      Give me your war cry, grrrrrrrrrrrrr
      Heavy265 **out**
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Connecting to Host...? NoT...

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Took forever to DL full version, was looking forward to playing a bit for the holidays.

Re-subbed after more than a year off...

So the small arms are even further from RL performance than when I left {see LMG/SMG [i suggest a field trip to the SOF conv, Knob Creek and a library for the staff to reacquaint themselves with these weapons and make the appropriate corrections, this is a sim is it not]}.

The armour game has decayed from a farce to a total farce for AXI.. etc etc..

{also a field trip is in order, consultation and review with a proper Armour expert, make the necessary corrections, this is a sim is it not}

(scrap cross supply whilst your at it, before you add the Americans)

However I have not been able to log in once over the entire Holiday, to experience the frustration umm I mean fun(sic) of playing Axi target drone..

Very disappointing...

I know that you lads are trying and don't wish for these things to happen, it is your bread and butter after all.

There are many areas you can adjust, fix or change that will once again give players an above average tolerance for issues with the game itself.

Maybe step back a bit and look at things, a certain path has been followed for some time and I don't think the desired results are forthcoming, so perhaps a different path is in order.

The foundation and tools are there for you to make a truly accurate combat sim, fully taking advantage of this amazing environment you have developed. In this gaming niche I feel that is what players really want, not a caricature of WWII combat [there are plenty of those] but a sim at least within the confines of what the engine can do.

I doubt they are the most vocal, these players over the last few years have cast their opinion another way, regardless of which side they favor and we see it in the game world today...

Cheers Montyuno


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What's this have to do w/windows support?

Maybe try another yr off?

was a asshat reply to a decent post.


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