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New PC, graphics issues

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try this:

well, first what drivers are you using for your card, have you uninstalled previous drivers completely and thoroughly?

To do so on most newer OS, use the uninstaller provided by the driver, reboot in safe mode, use Driver Fusion at own risk to delete the 384,912 files remaining, reboot again in safe mode, use driver fusion again, let it look for the last stubborn remnants - reboot normally, evtl. turn off force digital driver signature check, install drivers, reboot...

next, again depending on which drivers you use look for a file called atioglxx.dll in your windows/system32 and syswow64 directories - you have to do the next step in safe mode: rename that file to atioglxx.OLD and DL the file atioglxx.dll from the 13.5b2 drivers from here http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/50248704/file.html

and put it in both directories where you renamed the old one - reboot - start game offline see if anomalies still present.

Most 13.x WHQL drivers give me ogl texture flickering as well, 13.3b6 didnt, 13.4WHQL does, 13.5b2 didnt, 13.6b does again...right now im running the 13.6 beta drivers (+5 FPS :) ) with the atioglxx.dll from the 13.5b2 drivers on Win8-64bit and everything is smooth without flickering and anomalies again - peachy.

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