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Tales From The Bloody Battles

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Bloody Day At Val:

Above the grassy fields of Lille, an entire squadron of Havoc bombers roar as a never-ending stream of wing and propeller rises high into the Bleu De France sky. Tucked away at the controls toil a hodge-podge of Britain's finest. A rag-tag troupe, but who today take it upon themselves to band together in common purpose toward a greater glory. Their upper lips stiff, these English gentlemen swallow swelled fear and zoom straight into a thick glob of buzzing German BF-109 fighters...in grim determination to deliver their explosive cargo on target: the bridges Of Valenciennes. The few fortunate enough to survive the carnage will reload their payloads, refill their courage, and brave the stinging storm once more.

As desperate the fight amongst the clouds, an even greater rage unleashes below. Amidst a stifling wall of rifle and lead, a savvy German engineer charges headlong to repair the crumpled mess of earth and stone before him. An impatient juggernaut of steel pokes at his back, prodding him on. An entire division of Tiger and Panzer commanders licking their chops awaiting the moment the Grey Beast will finally cross...devouring all before it.

Eerie notes pop and zip past the engineer's ear from a deadly symphony echoing across the far side of the river. A thousand intruments (with triggers attached!) playing a dark ballad-of-bullets intended to deject and drown even the most bouyant heart. And yet, like a worker ant oblivious to all around him, this champion of the Fatherland plods away with tool and beam. Until at long last his slow but daring work is complete. Success!! The bridge now strengthened, the generals now happy, the vision of a warm meal and well-earned rest now flooding into his weary mind.

A vision abruptly interrupted by the now-familiar rumble of a twin-engine devil growling louder and louder overhead. The spent Nordic risks a quick glimpse upward as the nasty belly opens wide; its hellish spew pouring downward atop his head. No time for prayer, he merely blinks. Eyes never to open again.

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