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The Allied Expeditionary Force is a recently created and unique squad founded by veteran WWIIOL allied players.

Why is the squad unique? Allied Expeditionary Force is the only allied squad whose members hold "dual citizenship." What do I mean by that? I'll use myself as an example: In March 2004 I co-founded a squad called the Dambusters with my friend John (game name Kizmet).

For eight years the Dambusters have been bombing the Axis factories into the stone age.

A few weeks ago, when the forums here started lighting up with talk of merging a bunch of small squads into one mega squad, no veteran wanted to disband a squad he or she worked so hard to create. So rather than do so, the mega squad was created in a unique way.

It was literally created with members of multiple squads on loan. Members of AEF get a leave of absence from their respective squads to work for a greater good: moving the map east.

Last night was our first squad night and at peak prime time we had 47 players working a single objective. These 47 players are not green tag recruits but veterans of the game.

If you are new to WWIIOL and want to play allied, you will not find a better squad to help you learn every aspect of the game. If you are currently a member of a small and not so active squad, simply request a leave of absence and ask for a AEF recruiter in game (or post here and we will find you.)

In less than a week, we have well over 100 people registered on our forums and recruited in game. We have players in every time zone and in every branch. Whether you like to play infantry, air, armor or special ops, we have veterans who you can team up with.

Ever do a bunker rush with 20 others all coordinated on TS? No? Doesn't that sound fun? We've done it a few times already and this campaign just got started.

Ever kill 20+ as a bomber over a short period of time? We have vets who are experts and we have lots of them. Come fly in formation with us!

We have much hope that AEF will soon (if not already) be a force not to be ignored.

Interested? Click on my sigs below to get to the forums.

AEF Co-Founders: Thrance, and Ce

Headquarters | Squad Commanding Officer- JSILEC

Headquarters | Squad Executive Officer- CATFIVE

Command Staff | Communications Officer- VOZZ

Timezone Alpha (TZ1 - US) | Senior Executve Officer- JSILEC

Timezone Alpha (TZ1 - US) | Executve Officer- CE

Timezone Alpha (TZ1 - US) | Executve Officer- DEYOXMAN

Timezone Beta (TZ2 - EURO) | Seinor Executve Officer- CATFIVE

Timezone Beta (TZ2 - EURO) | Executve Officer- XHAMMERX

Timezone Beta (TZ2 - EURO) | Executve Officer- PETIE

Timezone Gamma (TZ3 - LOWPOP) | Senior Executve Officer- SIMPSON

Timezone Gamma (TZ3 - LOWPOP) | Exectuve Officer- STANKYUS

Timezone Gamma (TZ3 - LOWPOP) | Executive Officer- DRUIDE

Recruiter | ROBYD

Recruiter | BOYCEY

Recruiter | RANS

Recruiter | KJM

Recruiter | SORELLA

Recruiter | BOTA11

Recruiter | CULTJON

Recruiter | SMYTHES

Recruiter | EZRELAY

Recruiter | THRANCE

Recruiter | CHARLIE3

Recruiter | CANUKPLF

Recruiter | BEAUJOH

Recruiter | EKO13WF

Recruiter | SYDNEY

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Join today, and become apart of the crew! Squads looking to work together as a team please contact me ( as the Allied Expeditionary Force (AEF) plans to operate by cooperating, and coordinating with the entire playerbase under the overall direction of the Allied High Command. If you have any questions in regards to the Allied Expeditionary Force please visit our website (, or contact one of our Command Staff officers listed above. Thanks again for taking the time to look into the Allied Expeditionary Force, and we hope to see you on the battlefield soon! SALUTE!

P.S. - The Allied Expeditionary Force's Teamspeak3 Channel is located at the bottom of the Allied serverlist.

- Vozz, Allied Expeditionary Force, Communications Officer

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Come run with us on TS if you want to test drive. We utilize TS3 server and stress coordination with HC, other Allied squads, and strong comms within the squad branches.

Like Vozz said, just look at our channel on TS3, down at the bottom of the server list. Rarely have I seen more Allies together on TS and working towards a single goal.

Some things to consider...

- We follow HC strategy, the AEF is at the disposal of the MOIC.

- We use TS for comms - mandatory to at least listen in if possible.

- We stay on target together - mandatory. No lonewolfs period.

- We often use branches to better coordinate - Air, Inf, Armor.

- We have some of the most experienced players active in the game.

While this squad may not be everyone's cup of tea, we welcome active players who are Allied players for the entire campaign. If you like to try us out, please get with us on TS or find an AEF tag in game and ask.



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We are a 100% squad effort. If your ready to roll as one unit on one target, join us!

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Join the most aggressive squad in the game...We attack the axis nonstop and pride ourselves on teamwork and communication....We are looking for like minded players who will join us and work hard at making the axis cry....Air/Armor/Infantry we specialize in getting it all working together as 1 unit..come check us out!

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These guys are great squad and know how to have fun. If you're looking for a Squad and play Allied, I would hit these guys up.

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These guys are great squad and know how to have fun. If you're looking for a Squad and play Allied' date=' I would hit these guys up.[/quote']

Thanx ross!

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I support this organization, its alot of fun and we work together great as a team.

Its been a long time coming, but this time i have some of the best around to play along side of.

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