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You're new to the game? Looking for battles? Searching for the pure awesomeness of this game! or are you a veteran which is looking for delicate teamwork and great ops? Then you're good to go in AEF! Open to all ALLIED soldiers!

Are you new and want a private training session and learn the ins and outs of the game! Drop me a PM, reply here or message me ingame!

AEF Is looking for you!


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AEF recruiting the vets here are a couple of vids from this past week of us taking leuven/wavre....thanks to jaws for the vids!

Sk0KqAQFqqI ...leuven

L9gu5UgDD4A .....wavre :D

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AEF pushing the map east we set up countless towns yesterday with frus/armor/guns/close air support....come see what all the buzz is about!!

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I just have to say i have been with the squad since day 1 and have had tons of fun and have learned come join us have some fun.:)i am a recruiter as well.

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quoting from the masters of the ww2online univers here :)


when the aef get together on missions, things turn allied

i've seen it and joined it.

it is impressive.


The squad is possibly the best I have played with ever.

No, definitey.

This is hardcore though. This is non stop rally calls. 'Stop whining and GET IN' shouts and much shedding of axis blood.

If you can handle "hey" followed by "AEF INF ASSSAULT WEAPONS NOW $miss" and no break until we cap the dump then get in game.

If you can drive a tank and be determined to get your infantry into that depot even if it costs you 3 shermans then GET IN.

If you can fly a bomber and be solely dedicated to bombing that pz that blocks our inf then GET IN.

If you can be the fighter whose sole focus is killing the enemy air to get our guys in GET IN.

Total teamplayers only need apply. This is a capping machine like you have never seen except with triple it's size.


It's time to share.

You guys need to log in and experience the barrel of fun we've been having. Our numbers have been pretty good, but let's be honest, numbers can ALWAYS be better!

AEF is largely responsible for many of the weekend's successes. It was OUR persistence that lead to many captures. It was OUR incredible coordination that allowed Allies to push INTO town to begin capping.

What is happening this campaign is something you guys ALL want to take part it. I've never seen Allies perform at this level! And best of all, we're doing is a max spawn delay of 25 seconds. MOST of the damage we've been doing has been with ZERO spawn delay. Every f'ing fight I say "That was one of the best fights I've ever been in!!"

You'll WANT to be in on this! You'll WANT to experience this when we're operating at this level. You WILL be disappointed when you hear about how we're doing when you're not a part of it.

Fantastic things are happening! Come be a part of it today! You'll thank me later!!! cool.gif


This is a great thing going on here! Great planning, strategy, tactics,and people(who have a great deal of talent btw) that work as a team, create a superb gaming experience!

Come and join the best squad in game!!!

we have many awards listed in our short history

CinC Commendation ~ Highest Award


AEF campaign 88

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